No More Procrastinating

I have every good intention to do certain things every day, like cleaning out my refrigerator or going to buy material because I want to make a shirt (even though I can’t sew very well). You know, things that I know I should do because they are productive and they help keep things running smoothly. Days like yesterday, for instance, I did pretty good for the first half and then someone flicked a switch in me and I vegged out on my chair the about 6 hours.

You know what I mean don’t you? I’m talking about finding reasons to procrastinate. I finally cleaned out my refrigerator this morning, but that’s because we started smelling something. Yesterday, I finally painted that bench that I made (two years ago). I finally started briskly walking at least 4 miles every morning instead of improvising steps throughout the day and calling it exercise.

I think we all procrastinate in everything, even the things we like to do. Why is that? Is it our choice or do we allow some other entity to dictate our actions? I have to wonder, if we were face to face with God (so that we can clearly see Him, feel Him or otherwise know beyond a shadow of a doubt that He is right beside us), would we procrastinate in anything at all? If we recognized that our Father is supervising everything we do and knows our motives within our hearts even before we do, would we change our behavior and be less lazy about things?

The fact is, we can’t see God standing right in front of us and because of that, we tend to pretend that we are all alone and that He isn’t watching what we are doing or what we are saying. I fall into this trap just like everyone else and I believe I have been told this morning to open my eyes and really revere God for Who He is and not what He can do (or has done) for me. If we look around us, outside and within ourselves, we will see God in His Majesty and the incredible power that only He possesses.

Job 38:4 “Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth?”

God lays down some serious truth on Job for the next two chapters until He finally challenges him to be God. He doesn’t say it like this, but hear how He puts it to Job:

“Would you indeed annul My judgment? Would you condemn Me that you may be justified? Have you an arm like God? Or can you thunder with a voice like His? Then adorn yourself with majesty and splendor, and array yourself with glory and beauty. Disperse the rage of your wrath; look on everyone who is proud and humble him. Tread down the wicked in their place. Hide them in the dust together, bind their faces in hidden darkness. Then I will also confess to you that your own right hand can save you.” Job 40:8-14

God goes on making His point, driving the nail home so that it cannot be pried loose. I encourage you to read it. It is like sharp little pin pricks all over your skin with each remark He makes about our weakness and His power. That’s what it boils down to, anyway. We walk around with this facade of power and pride in our hearts, when really, we have just been procrastinating our eventual acceptance of the fact the God is God, Almighty, Powerful and Holy. We, on the other hand, are small replicas of Him, made in His image but very flawed because of our sinfulness. But what does He do? He yet again demonstrates His Almighty power by loving us and providing Salvation through Jesus.

Do we keep on procrastinating? Or do we finally surrender? Do we fall on our knees and see how His glory is evident all around us if we just open our eyes to see? Look at the trees swaying in the breeze. Look at the birds chasing each other through the air. Look up into the neverending sky above and know the God is even bigger than that. Allow yourself to become overwhelmed in Him. No more procrastinating.


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