Why do we continue to live our lives with the illusion that our decisions and actions won’t produce consequences? Why do we believe that the law applies to everyone but ourselves? It doesn’t matter what law we’re talking about, be it civil law or spiritual law, it always applies to us, and yet we choose to ignore these laws when they aren’t so convenient for our current situation.

I went to see my mother this past weekend who lives 2 hours away. I really try hard not to speed, but watching everyone zoom past me going at least 20 miles over the speed limit, really makes my foot press harder. I was lucky, I didn’t get pulled over, but I very well could have at times. My general rule is to only go 7 miles over the speed limit, but you and I both know that it is still speeding and I could easily get a ticket for it. What usually saves me is the fact that everyone else is going twice as fast and so I get ignored.

That is a simple example, but I believe we can all relate to it. There are other, more serious examples that need to be confronted. The younger generation especially need to understand that they are not exempt no matter what the situation is. Theft, DWI, gun violence, adultery, bullying, you name it, the instances of each “crime” have multiplied in even just the last 5 years. What’s appalling is the reaction of the people who are accused of such behavior. They claim it’s not their fault. They claim they didn’t do it, even if there is physical evidence. They claim that someone else made them do it. They claim everything except responsibility for their actions and then wonder why do they have to pay the price?

We all have to pay the price for our actions, one way or the other. We are all guilty. God, though, is such a great and perfect Father, that He made a way for us to pay for our guilt through the sacrifice of His Son. Essentially, He paid for it and then gave us the mercy that we will eventually be begging for, even if we don’t realize it now. Once we claim our responsibility for our actions and ask for forgiveness from our Father in heaven and once we recognize Jesus for Who He is, our only chance at salvation and the sacrifice He made for all of us  (no discrimination remember), then we can actually enjoy how it feels to be “innocent”.

We will still have to pay for our willful sins in one way or another. Usually, it is through something here within our lives, like not being famous or maybe we did something pretty serious that requires us to go to jail for a while. Whatever it is, the punishment we pay here is far less than the eternal punishment of separation from God and burning in hell. I know, sounds fierce, but in reality, it is and I don’t believe in making things sound different from what they really are. The truth sometimes hurts in the short term, but in the long term, it will save if you pay attention.

God loves us enough to let us fall to our knees and feel the repercussions of our actions and then He allows us to look for Him, in our most desperate hour and He will be there to assist. What’s more, when we see Him with our eyes and our hearts and we lay it all out for Him to take over, the peace that we have, the love that we experience and the strength that He gives us to fight each day is worth any slight pain we may have to feel in the short term. If Jesus can endure the agonizing physical torture and then the agonizing spiritual torture for each and every one of us, I think we can endure a little bit of discomfort in return. It’s far better than the eternal consequences the devil has in mind for us all.


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