It Starts With Me

I have a friend who despises Trump. He is constantly pointing out his inconsistencies and faults as a President. He is calling out everyone who voted for Trump to see how they think of him now and is very passionate about his opinion.

On one hand, I can’t say I blame him for his passion. He was calling for voters to ignore him during the primaries, so he has been consistent at least with what he has said he wanted, or should I say didn’t want. He didn’t want Trump in office. That was obvious.

On the other hand, I have to ask him, why are you continuing to point out all of his faults? The man is in office. Do you really think he will be impeached? If he is impeached, do you believe Mr. Pence will take over and be the miraculous bulldog you’ve been wanting? I don’t think any of our candidates, on any party, had the capability to fix whatever is wrong with our country. I also believe that you, my friend who hates Trump so badly that you can’t say anything positive, you are the example of the problem.

Is the United States a Christian country? I know we used to be, but as of the last 20 years or so, I believe that non-belief has kind of taken over the stage. The kind of non-belief that pushes toward universalism and “you live your life and I will live mine” kind of philosophy. You know what I mean? The “you have the power within yourself to do everything you ever wanted to do” kind of attitude. This is so dangerous and it is now showing up in people’s lives in different scenarios.

When you believe you have the power within yourself, that means that power is really yours and no one gave it to you. That all of your failures are your fault because you cannot grab hold of your power and harness it for your purposes in life. That your peace can only be found within your power and there is no other way. This is what the American young people are learning and they are all being deceived.

I bring this up right in the middle of my comments on my friend and Trump because I believe they are related. You see, in this day of social media and “everyone has a voice”, we are all fighting to stand higher than everyone else to be heard. Who needs to hear us, anyway? Is what we have to say so important that it will change our listeners? Our country? Our world? Sorry, I don’t think so. What we have to say may be important, and it may have a valid point, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to influence anyone. And it all comes back to people believing that the power is within them rather than from somewhere else.

You can believe what you wish, that is your right. I will tell you what I believe and that is, I have no power of my own. I may have gifts, I may have some direction, but any power that is conceived in me comes from somewhere else. Looking back at my life, I can see that I am weak. I have no strength to combat all of my foes and win. I have no talent to outwit any of the smartest people in order to advance.

Any power that I may have shown in my life has always come from my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I can talk to people and argue with them until I am blue in the face, and nothing I say that’s from my own design will convince anyone of anything. It is not about me. It is not about you. The running of this country, this world, is not about you or your neighbor, or your leader, or anyone else you can think of, and this is where we get it wrong every single time.

It’s about honoring our Creator. It always about Him and the glory only He deserves. We just never seem to see it that way because we are always so distracted with the worries of this world. You see, the solution to our politician problem is the same solution to the crisis you may be facing in your own personal life that you just can’t fix. The solution to the problems we are all facing remains the same and yet we continue to look for other ways to fix them. The solution is living our lives in prayer, in every day and in every circumstance. The solution comes when we surrender it all to the only One who can make the difference.

Rather than taking to social media to convince the world of our opinion, we need to take to the closet to get on our knees and repent, to give our whole lives to God and let God have His way with us and the world. Rather than go demonstrate our frustrations to the world, wearing ridiculous outfits to get more attention, we need to turn inward and clean out our hearts of all the selfishness and pride that has lead us to our turmoil. You see, we need to recognize that the only power that has a 100% success record is the power that comes from Him and Him only. From Abraham to conceive Isaac at 100 years old, to Elijah being taken because God wanted him, to Jesus living a sinless life, all that power comes only from God Almighty who loves us more than anyone else ever can.

If my friend would just get on his soapbox and explain how the power of prayer, I mean constant, every day prayer, can really make the difference in our country and the world that we are all looking for. I guess it starts with me.


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