Worthless Treasure


We went to the Sprint store to find a new phone. One that would be able to handle phone calls and emails without locking up. One that would replace a 5 year old smart phone that wasn’t being very smart anymore. What we found was the impressive reality that people are vain and very gullible.

They had all of the latest technology out for display in the showroom. Each phone had its own stand with a description of its capabilities and of course, the price. None of them really stood out from one another, except for their prices, and even then, they weren’t too far removed from each other. The average price of each of them was about $650.00. Wow! That much for a phone? That didn’t even include the service needed to make it work. We were stunned.

It got me thinking. Where are our priorities? Everyone has one of these phones these days and if they don’t have the latest one of their favorite brand, they are anxiously waiting to be able to acquire one. So many capabilities that they claim to have and yet, they are totally dependent on the user and the service to be put to any good use. And what is that good use? To post pictures on social media? Is that a necessity for the average person? Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. Those mediums for society have become a staple for stagnation and no one is benefiting except the companies that created them. Those guys are rich with no real assets.

Ok, perhaps my statement was a little strong that no one is benefiting. I have seen several posts where stranded dogs are finding homes, where money is raised to feed the hungry and where voices are heard to bring awareness for many issues such as disease, poverty and discrimination. But, most people will acknowledge those posts and keep on scrolling. They don’t go out into their communities and do something to create change. Instead, a lot of posts are advertising for how to make money or fake news stories about how aliens are really in control at the White House. Comedic videos with people trying really dumb stunts and failing miserably or sweet little puppy videos that just make you think, “how cute”. Those are the most common themes and in my opinion are totally useless.

This made my mind go further into the condition of our modern society. The advertising that drives us to compete for the best and most, such as the latest cars with all of their bells and whistles. It used to be that seeing a Mercedes on the road was rare and signified someone of affluence. Not so much anymore. They are everywhere. Mercedes, BMW, Lexus, Infinity, Jaguar, Alfa Romeo, are all vying for your attention and your money, which you probably don’t have. And they are much more common on the streets now than ever. Do we really have that much money to spend on luxury that only makes us more dependent on technology?

Whatever happened to reliability? The need to get from point A to point B without distractions or breakdowns? Whatever happened to using something and keeping it up for as long as possible in order to keep from being in debt and making the most of it? It is practically nonexistent anymore, especially with the younger generation. If it doesn’t work, just replace it. Take out a loan, lease it, or borrow from the parents. It’s not feasible anymore to learn about what’s broken and repair it to keep it going. We want the fastest means to satisfy our selfish materialistic desires.

The same can be said for our medical health. Our doctors don’t find the root of the problem and advise us on how to feed our bodies so we can heal. They prescribe the painkillers, opioids or surgery. Yes, sometimes surgery is necessary, as are painkillers, but only for the short term. Doctors are prescribing these medications for prolonged use mostly because they do not take the time to educate their patients on how to feed their bodies properly to ward off further internal damage. Nope, they prescribe the opioids which then can cause constipation and so they prescribe another drug to combat the constipation. Our health continues to go down the toilet and our insurance costs continue to increase.

People! The insurance problem is not for the government to fix! It is ours and the only way we can do that is to be aware of our bodies’ needs and be healthy! If we don’t have the overflowing need for drugs for preventable problems, then the pharmaceutical companies can’t charge outrageous prices for overused drugs and the insurance companies can’t increase our premiums or just drop us because we are costing them more money than they are making. We should be the ones in charge, not the insurance companies and CERTAINLY not the government! Not when it comes to our health.

I could write all day about our priorities and where they are, but I think this sums it up: What we value is worthless when the end of our lives come. All the material things, the dependency on others who don’t know us and don’t really care are just a distraction from what is really valuable. The treasure we are seeking is all around us, everything that we ignore, from the food that we can grow in the garden, to the helping hands of a neighbor when we are in need. Most of all, the one relationship that will bring us the peace we are craving, the one with God Almighty, Who loves us so much that He allows us to make our own decisions, even if it is to deny Him. That is the true treasure and worth more than everything we have here on earth.

No technology can bring us closer to God. No fancy car can take us to find peace. No medication can cure our needfulness of love and healing. Our hearts are the key to everything we are searching for. The things we focus on most with our hearts and our minds are the things that our lives will revolve around. “My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge”, Hosea 4:6. The more education we get on the things of God, the more powerful we become, the more peaceful we become and the more love we will experience here on earth.

We ended up spending $168.00 on a “smart enough” phone.


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