Have you ever talked with someone who swears they received a “sign from God”? How they react to what they believe is a direct message from the Holiest of all is really amazing. It gives them the strength to do the improbable and even the impossible. It gives them the courage to face disasters head on and overcome their fears. What they do in response to receiving a sign from God is exactly what God intends for all of us.

You may ask, “Why have I never received a sign from God?” My first response will always be, “How do you know you haven’t?”

Take a look around you. Look outside. Look at the sky. What do you see? Your answer to this question is the key to answering your question. I know what you’re thinking, everything you see around you is just as it always has been, nothing is new, nothing exciting and certainly nothing with the meaning you are looking for. This is where you need to look with new eyes and an open heart.

Yes, everything is the same, but that’s part of the coolness of God. The sun rises every morning, sometimes it’s bright and shiny in the sky and sometimes it hides behind thick cloud cover, but it is always there giving us light each day. The moon consistently shows it’s beauty each night, sometimes in full and sometimes only a small sliver, but it is always there reflecting the light from the sun. What is the significance? These are two things that everyone on the planet sees every day unless they don’t have access to a window or to go outside. Even so, there isn’t one person that has never seen both and if there is someone who hasn’t seen the sun or the moon, then the first time he or she does will be a magnificent experience for them. They will stand in awe of the amazing ball in the sky that beckons the imagination, providing the sense that we are not alone. Is this becoming clearer for you? Ok, I will go on.

Majestic visions in the sky such as the sun and the moon have become taken for granted. We expect to see the sun each day. We expect to see the moon. We are not in awe of their existence anymore because we are so used to them. What we regrettably forget is that while their job appears to be to provide light or warmth, it is also a continual sign from God that He is in control. He is here with us each day, although we cannot see Him. We may not be able to see Him with our physical eyes, but we get to see His creation each day all around us. The fact that so many living beings can exist on one planet, in such intricate detail which defines their capability to live and also to contribute to the rest of the planet is an overwhelming accomplishment. One that only God can claim.

Here’s another cool tidbit. These are all signs from Him to us as individuals each day, if only we would see them. Yes, sometimes we get a more direct and powerful sign or message that steers us in a direction that maybe ordinarily we wouldn’t go. But, if we didn’t have the other signs each day constantly reaffirming our faith in the God who not only creates but provides, then we would surely fail to recognize the significance of any “bigger” signs God may put in our path. We wouldn’t be able to faithfully step out into the direction His signs are leading us because we would be scared of “Who” is supposedly talking to us. For Christian believers, this isn’t even an issue because we automatically know Who it is and it is exciting for us to recognize Him.

So, go back to the first question of this article. Who do you know who has said they have received a sign from God? Look at his or her life. Were they prepared to see that big sign because they were already appreciative of all the little signs? My guess is they were in some form and they were ready to hear from God. God is constantly speaking to us, giving us signs in all things, not just nature, but in politics, in the weather, in our finances, and even in our education (although we try to push Him out). He’s there. He always has been, He predicted how things would turn within humanity and He knows how everything is going to end up. He gave us this map, if we care to follow along of what will happen and how we can all be safely provided for. I found it, in His Word, the Bible. If you want to read the Cliff’s Notes, I suggest going straight to Revelation. If that’s not a sign, I don’t know what is. If you read it and recognize it as the sign you’ve been looking for, then you won’t have any problems acting on it. You will look at the signs around you; the map He has given you and you will look at yourself and see He did what He did for you. You are not perfect. You are a sinner. You are separate from the Holiest of all. You cannot make yourself a good person. The world calls you a failure. You can’t do any of this alone.

But….God, Who created you with a purpose, with love and with great care, is right there, speaking to you, encouraging you, loving you and waiting for you to come back to Him. He even gave you Jesus, the only way in which to come to Him, so you would have no doubts. When you act on those signs right there, you will be in the greatest success story ever told. How cool is that?


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