Real Men/Real Women

There’s a controversial billboard on the side of a highway that simply reads, “Real men provide. Real women appreciate it.”

The stir it has caused is almost comical. Women are beside themselves because they believe it takes away from their “equality”. I just have to shake my head. Ladies, we are not equal to men. Period. From the way our bodies are made up, to how we think, to how we behave, we are not equal to men. Why is this so hard to understand?

We can do lots of things that men can do, yes, but does that make us equal? Not in the sense that most women are wanting to be recognized. We can also do a lot of things that men cannot do, even though they may try. We can give birth, for one. There is no man on earth who can do that, although it would be kind of interesting to watch a man try. A man, on the other hand, can write his name in the snow with his urine, full stream. Graphic? Haha, maybe, but it’s true. I can’t do that, nor would I ever care to try, but that’s beside the point.

Does this mean we don’t deserve equal pay for doing the same job? No, I don’t believe so, especially if the job is done at the highest performance level. In my eyes, these are two different things and should be addressed as such. But, this doesn’t happen, so men and women approach it with their own manipulative capabilities. But, I’m not hear to argue either point, just to state that this argumentative approach will never appease either side. Men and women differ and are designed to do specific things in the world in order to make the world the best place to live. Why are we not looking at it in that light?

Okay, back to the billboard. Real men provide. What do they provide? They don’t just provide income for a home and family. They provide the strength that only a man can give. Physical? Yes. When there is a fire burning down the house, a man can likely help (carry) more children and elderly than a woman. Maybe not always the case, but in a general sense, probably so. Men are also workers. They carry the trash out, they saw off the dead limbs from trees, they also have a tendency to have mechanical minds. Yes, stop shouting at me, I know us women can do all of those things, and we do (at least I do when I have to), but do we really want to? Does that really make us feel more like we want to feel? I can’t say that, at least not for myself.

I can change the oil in my car, change a tire, handle a chainsaw, handle a horse that may be a bit “wild”, and build a structure out of wood. I guess I could go on and on about everything I know how to do and have done, but it doesn’t make me think I am equal to a guy. Sorry. It just gives me confidence that if I should ever need to, I could do it on my own without a man beside me. Isn’t that enough? I guess not.

For me, a man provides what’s missing in myself. A companion. A strong leader in the things I may have insecurities about. A different perspective of situations without all the emotions I may bring to it that blurs my vision. He gives me love and respect. He asks for my help and my opinion on things that he may not fully understand on his level. He gives me the encouragement to see things through my own eyes and have confidence to feel things my own way, and then to share them with him.

He gives me so much that it makes me want to give back to him. It’s a partnership. In this, we are equal. Equal in that we complete in each other the missing pieces. We (women) are not inferior, we are desperately needed, but we allow our emotions and insecurities to distract what is true. And the truth is, we are supposed to be right beside the man, helping him do everything he must do. Just as he is to be right beside of the woman, filling in those spaces that we need filling.

Ultimately, there are God-given boundaries that separate men and women. Physical, mental and emotional. These boundaries are there for our guidance and protection. Guidance so we can make better decisions as partners. Protection so we don’t confuse ourselves in what our responsibilities and capabilities are. I believe that’s exactly what has happened now. People are misguided and confused to the point of lawlessness in our morals, but that is another whole topic. My point here is, if men and women come together, building each other up in unification, each using their individual gifts for productivity in the relationship, company, world, etc., then we will be much better off and more than likely satisfied with our reward and pay.

So, yes. Real men provide. Real women appreciate it.


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