Anxiously Waiting

I can’t wait to see what God has been doing. I am finally accepting the realization that while all of this turmoil is going on, God has something big in store on the other side of it.

Closer to home, my son is still anxious about playing tennis, even though he is almost done with his first year of college and still no coaches have asked to see him play. He is playing club tennis, but the other players can’t seem to keep up with him. I think he needs to become a coach for some of these guys, but that’s not my call. He is supposed to play in a tournament next weekend, but his team is leaving on Thursday evening while at the same time his chemistry lab is supposed to have a test. Interestingly enough, his professor will not let him take the test early, or even later due to the possibility of cheating. R. understands that totally and has decided that he would rather take the test and do pretty good on it than to take a zero for it and put more pressure on himself to ace the final exam. I say, God is going to give him a miracle, I just don’t know what it is. It would be nice for the professor to suddenly change his mind.

Meanwhile, my daughter is struggling with loneliness. When she’s here, she works hard and is doing much better. When she goes home, she takes in strays (dogs, people, whatever) and finds it hard to say no. She then stays up too late, drinking or just talking, and then she shows up to work late the next day. Baggy eyes and not ready to work any horses the way they need it. It takes her about an hour or so to get into the groove and then she’s good, unless of course she has a crappy attitude and then everything is just down the toilet for that day. She’s defiant, sad (although she won’t admit it), and thinks alcohol is a good way to feel good. She has no idea what real joy feels like. As you can imagine, I am REALLY anxious to see what God has in store for her. It seems the worse off a person appears to others, the more wondrous God works in their lives. I am believing for some serious miracles in her life, a change of heart, a change of attitude and a new lease on her life and her future. God has no favorites, so she will receive all He has to give to her.

My family is my life. Everything else around us is just something to do. I have been making double efforts to put God at the center of it all. To include Him in on everything I am concerned with, to give Him my thoughts and to listen in for His. I am slowly picking up on His frequency. I know something good is about to happen for everyone in this family. I am ready to experience His glory and revel in His mercy, even though I know I deserve every punishment for my crimes (sin). For that, and that alone, I am thankful beyond anything I can describe. I am learning to live every day with that attitude while I await to see what God does next.

So, with that, what do you think God is doing with the state of the world? There is so much turmoil and animosity that you just KNOW God is working behind the scenes for a big finale. I am waiting for the calm before the storm (no we’re not in the storm yet). Do you know what I mean? When everything dies down and there’s peace all around. When that happens, that’s when I will know God is right around the corner getting ready to reveal Himself. When the chaos will escalate beyond our imaginations. If I ever thought my daughter’s life was chaos, this would make it look like easy street. When the world knows for sure that first, there IS a God and second, He is not taking any of this lightly. He loves us so much that He gave it all and a lot of us pretty much spat in His face.

When we hear that there is peace on earth, we had better get on our knees and beg for forgiveness. We had better realize before it’s too late that our fate is in our own hands and if we choose wrong, we choose death. When we hear that there is peace on earth, we would do well to look and see if there are any Christians left on this planet. If there aren’t any, then we better know beyond a shadow of a doubt that life as we have known it is long gone and we are in for some very hard times. It won’t be too late, but it will ten times harder to choose Jesus Christ than it is now. Why is that? Because we will be deceived on all sides and will not be able to see the Truth as clearly as what we may be able to see it now.

Yes, I am anxiously waiting to see what God has been doing. You don’t have to believe, that’s your choice. But, remember that when it comes down to the end that in every situation there is a point of no return and you no longer have the choice to make.





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