What Will It Be?

This past week has been an historical one. American citizens have either witnessed or was a part of one (or two) of the most outrageous displays of childishness ever. So much emotion and pride have gone into this presidential election, on both sides that our perspective as a society has been all but washed away. Actually, I believe it goes beyond the presidential election, but I’m going to try to stick close to that, before I take a wrong turn and get lost.

So Friday, Donald Trump was inaugurated as our 45th President. What an honor for him.I believe he tried to be honorable in his own way during all of the ceremonies and formal gatherings. It’s a lot to shove into one day, all while someone is moving your belongings into a new home. So, if he was a little more like his campaign self and less like the acting President, I forgive him. It’s hard to let go of something so familiar.

While all of this was going on, all around the country was protesting and even rioting. People, I don’t know who, were setting things on fire, breaking store windows and stealing from businesses who must have had a really large part in the demise of the presidential campaign or rigged the system as Trump has claimed. In any case, the country looked like it was going to war, all because of an election that everyone over 18 years old and not in jail had a right to participate in. The point is, we as a society must look beyond what we think we see and look at what we can make this country with our own hands, not whoever is sitting at the White House.

Then comes Saturday. A bunch of women decided to march in DC, some are peaceful while some were down right vulgar. Excuse me, but first, that’s not ladylike and second, since when has rolling around on the grocery store floor kicking and screaming ever got you the candy that you were begging for in the first place? If anything, those actions make you less attractive to everyone who sees you and also allows the public to glimpse who you truly are. Celebrities and not so famous public figures, you are who I am talking to, and anyone else who is absorbed with the notion that your popularity will garner you followers.

All of that time and money spent on what? To show the world that you are a sore loser. This is exactly where “Optimist Sports” will get you. “Everybody wins” mentality. That’s not the real world and those of you who believe in that stuff are blind. Everything takes work to succeed. Everything. And not everyone wins. If you want to make a difference and be heard, here’s what I suggest:

Be silent with your mouth and loud with your actions. Go to the homeless shelters or church or anywhere that offers a helping hand to those in need and give them your time, your money, your heart. Stock the food pantries in your community. Open your doors to people who have no home. Cook meals for those who have no food. Pay someones electric bill, not once, not twice, but how about for a year or more? Volunteer at the hospitals, the schools, the retirement homes, the nursing homes, the pet shelters, oh the list could go on forever. Here’s the trick, don’t just do it once and be proud of yourself. That’s pompous and selfish. Make it your daily life to get out there and do for others. Pay someone’s medical bills. Use all that money you have extra for hotel rooms and restaurants to pay for a child’s wardrobe.

Do you see where I am going? Jesus said for us to love others as ourselves. This is how you do it. And if you don’t, then you don’t love Him, do you?

Get out there and keep your mouths shut and open you arms for the world to see. And if the world doesn’t see? DO IT ANYWAY! We’re not putting on a show here, we are trying to help each other survive. And if the world doesn’t like it? DO IT ANYWAY! We are not hear to please the world, but to give God our hearts and please Him. Now, what will it be?


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