Roller Coaster

We compare life with a roller coaster, dull of ups and downs. Things happen that can cause chaos in our lives; natural disasters, crime, sickness and there are many more. We continue, in our ignorance, to question why. “Why did God allow this earthquake?” “Why did God let that man kill another?” “Why did her child get cancer?”

As I have gone through my own struggles, I have begun to see more clearly the answers that God has been giving to me all along. While I never blamed God for anything, I have always had a hard time answering when someone else asked those questions. It still may not be clear for you, but I’m going to try.

God created the heavens and the earth. (We need to let that one sink in first of all, because if we believe that, what in the world is wrong with us to doubt Him in anything else?) When He created Man, the Relationship was perfect. There was no deceit,no shame, no sin. Satan came, however, and deceived Man into making one “mistake”. We call it a mistake-but deep down it was pure and simple betrayal. Satan gave Man the opportunity to either question God or stand up for Him. What did Man do? He questioned God, he was jealous of God and he desired to “be like God”, so he disobeyed God by eating the fruit. Ok, so that one small, tiny deed has now blossomed over the years into worldwide chaos.

Meanwhile, Satan is in everyone’s heads deceiving as many people as he can by using their emotions and creating fears and doubts. He is effectively confusing as many people as possible. You don’t have to believe it for it to be true. But we, the people, give him free reign to have our emotions and our actions. How? Let me show you.

I like to drive fast. Can’t help it, I just think that driving faster is going to get me there faster. I don’t know why that’s even appealing to me. I see life as a highway and all of us drivers are all on the road going at our different speeds. You have the erratic drivers, who weave in and out of traffic, going about 95 mph, and giving everyone cause to tap the brakes. You also have those “granny” drivers, who go just below the speed limit but for some reason insist on driving in the passing lane, rather than the right hand lane. That causes us to flair our tempers slightly. (At least use your hazards). Then you have your drivers who are just cruising, you know, they go the speed limit, but they’re not too concerned about driving too fast or getting wherever they are going to quickly. They are just steady. That’s us in a nutshell. We have a few really fast and crazy drivers, who react to everything with dramatic emotions and sometimes cause more problems in our lives than we had before. Then there are the slow, carefree drivers who really don’t seem to be paying attention to anyone else on the road, just going about their own business, and sometimes getting in the way of the really fast drivers and causing an uproar of emotional chaos because of their lack of empathy. There are a few steady drivers out there, though, who pay attention to their surroundings, but they don’t let their surroundings affect them emotionally. They look out for the fast drivers coming up on them and make sure they are out of the way and they often drive carefully around the really slow drivers, maybe encouraging them to pick it up a little and pay attention to others while they are on the road.

Life does not have to be the emotional roller coaster we have made it so often. We overreact to circumstances, allow worry to take over our thoughts constantly and we are often blind to the small blessings that are given to us in order to encourage us while we are going through struggles. Things will happen and there is no stopping that. We have little control over what happens around us, but we do have control over what happens inside us. Our emotions are fully within our control and we do very little to maintain it. What if we were to put our hands on the steering wheel and take those emotions over?

Jesus was our prime example here on earth. The only thing that upset Him was when so-called religious leaders blatantly disrespected God. He rode into Jerusalem as the prophesy dictated and He went to the Temple where He drove out the vendors of doves and moneychangers. Why? Because money was their God. Simply put, Jesus ALWAYS put God first, which was why He never worried, never cried for Himself out of fear and never lost His composure. He showed us how it’s done on a daily basis. He was one steady driver. He put up the speed limit signs, the crossing signs, the stop signs, and every other sign that alerts us as to what may be coming up. We just need to be steady and pay attention.

Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.



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