Two-Way Street

Proverbs 3:5  Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.

Trust. Faith. Surrender. These are potently powerful words. And yet, I have found a way to smother them.To make them dull and boring. How? By placing my materialistic expectations on God and then blaming Him for not giving me what I want. Why should I have faith if He won’t even give me what I ask for?

Obviously, I still don’t grasp the truth. I haven’t taken the time to develop the intimate relationship with God so I can have that faith. God is still an unseen mystery rather than my Father. God cannot reveal Himself to me while I am still looking at the world rather than His word. This, after all, a two-way street.

How often to I talk to God? Do I tell Him all the details of my day, my life, my hopes, dreams and concerns? Yes, I know He already knows these things but do my actions no show Him where my heart is? More importantly, do my actions not show ME where my heart is? Every day is a battle and the enemy is indeed prowling, ready to pounce at my weakest point. This is why Paul said that in his weakness, Christ was his strength. And through Christ, he could do anything. Even defeat Satan.

I’m reading two books by Tozer right now. I’m so disappointed that I wasn’t exposed to his passion before now. He states everything that I have felt and more. If he had lived back in the first or second century, he certainly would have been one of the desertists who separated themselves from the world in order to live solely for God. Personally, I’m glad he didn’t. He had that kind of relationship while still being very active in the world. He wasn’t of the world, just in it, and while he was in it, he was focused on explaining to as many people as possible his insights and love for Jesus Christ.

I believe that is what we should all be doing. We don’t need to continue to cave and let the world have its way with us. We really can trust in the Lord, but we have to take that first step every single day of our lives to talk with Him and meditate on His love for us. When we give that even just 5 minutes, we will have a full day’s worth of joy within our hearts so we can spread it around to everyone we meet. Sounds Pollyanna-ish? Good.

Trust in the Lord begins with an introduction. You meet Him, you talk to Him, you learn Who He is and He sees that you really want to be His friend. It is a two-way street. One that you have to travel down in order to meet Him.


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