Intimate Relationship

How many times have we gone to church in hopes of hearing directly from God and walked away empty? How about begging God for that one thing that would just make everything in your life perfect and never receiving it? I have heard many examples of these types of scenarios over and over again with my family and friends. And then, I have experienced them myself, over and over again. What’s wrong here? I thought God was the all-caring and all-knowing Father who gives to His children with pleasure?

Wow. Did you read those words? Could you actually relate to them? I know I could, at first that is. Then it hit me like the ton of bricks that it is. It’s something I’ve known deep down for a long time but my selfishness decided to put it away in a corner and let the dust collect.

If we are going to say we believe in God, I mean really believe in Him, then we need to put some things into proper perspective. First of all, God created us. We did not create Him, no matter how hard those other guys tend to argue. So, if God created us,the He can certainly do away with us, with nothing but a thought if He so wills. I’m sure our pompous attitudes toward His responsibility to keeping us warm, fed and dry are growing rather old to Him, especially if we fail to recognize Him for Who He truly is.

Second of all, God gave us free will. Anybody out there know what that is? It means we have a choice. We will always have a choice. If we choose to ignore Him during all the good times of our life, we cannot expect to have Him rush to our rescue when we are sinking. Interestingly enough, He does often provide ways of providing for us when we are in need, even if we do ignore Him, but they usually aren’t to our satisfaction, especially if it requires work. We need too be steady in our choices as to what we believe and then live like it. If we say we believe in Jesus as the Son of God, then we need to pay attention to His careful instructions. I don’t think that’s what’s going on in our world today.

See, God is a Person. He is Spirit. He has feelings, desires and needs. Yes, I said needs. why else would He put up with such insolent people as we are? He needs relationship. And, while I fully believe we are not the only people He has created, we are the only ones who have defied Him in sin because of the devil’s trickery. Because of this, He has shown His true identity in how much He really loves us by taking every necessary step there is to give us just one more chance to be His forever companions. He sent Jesus, an extension of Him, His Word, to show us how to live and how to love.

Meanwhile, God is patient with us. He waits quietly in the back of the room and allows everyone else to choose where they will sit. He already knows that He will receive all the glory and is patiently encouraging us to gravitate toward Him before the end of days. He desires that no one should die, but ultimately, it’s our choice. Jesus, our example, had a personal, intimate relationship with God while He was here on earth. He deliberately made time to meditate and pray every day, which gave Him strength and wisdom to fulfill His destiny.

This is why I can see the absurdity of my first paragraph. If I totally ignored my father, why would I expect him to bail me out when I was in trouble? My earthly father wouldn’t, but my heavenly Father is always looking out for me and while He may not feel free to give me all of my wants, due to my own lack of love towards Him, He will always find ways to keep chipping away at my shield of disbelief until one day I, too, will have that intimate relationship with Him.


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