Fruit and Consequences

Everything we do produces fruit. When we study, our fruit is knowledge. When we work out, our fruit is muscle. When we get drunk, our fruit is uncontrolled behavior and a hangover, possibly driving drunk and possibly killing someone….lots and lots of possible fruit from that one. When we disobey authority, our fruit is punishment by that authority. It’s very simple, actually, and yet we ignore it and forget to teach its importance, at least teach it effectively.

We cannot expect our children  to make wise decisions as they mature into adults if we have not taught them how to do so. We cannot expect society to play the major role in our children’s lives and then expect our children to be how we would like them to be. It just doesn’t work that way, and yet here we are. Just about every parent I talk to with children who are now young adults tell me the same thing, they just don’t want to work and they believe they are entitled to everything. I agree, but how much of that is really our fault?

Look, I’m in the same boat, so if you think I’m pointing fingers at anyone, believe me when I say my fingers are pointed only at myself. I see my children and how I have raised them. My daughter, I can’t talk to. She has been that way since right before puberty. She doesn’t want to hear what I have to say and everything I have tried to teach her has been for the most part, ignored. Who is to blame? Me. I had her when she was under 10 years old, and I could have recognized how to develop that loving trusting relationship from the very beginning so that now, at 22, she would feel completely free to tell me anything and everything. As it stands now, she believes she is a disappointment and I believe I am a disappointment. We both have made mistakes and now we must deal with the fruit.

There are protesters lining the streets of many cities this week following the results of our hideous presidential election. Hideous, because we had no exceptional candidate to choose, we only had stinking dung to choose from, so we chose the one on the right. Or is he really on the left and no one knows for sure? Oh well, it doesn’t matter now. What matters now is all of the democratic children are now crying over it because they didn’t get their way. Parents….look at our fruit.

They didn’t get their way and now they are lying in the middle of the grocery store aisle kicking and screaming until you cave in and buy them that candy bar. Does this sound familiar? Universities have cancelled class and exams in order to console their students? Seriously? I’m paying the university to educate my child and that university is going to coddle him like he’s a 6 year old? Where is the education in that?

I’m not writing this just to rant. I actually have a point. This situation can change. It won’t change by itself and it won’t change overnight, but it CAN change. If we look with our eyes and actually see the reality around us, we can make a conscious decision to change how we behave, how we react and how we make our decisions. We can look towards our future and see that with discipline and wisdom the self-destructive behavior we have been exhibiting for the the last 10 years can be reversed. Our children will have to re-learn how to make decisions, but if they have to deal with enough negative consequences, they will probably get the hint and start wising up on their own.

This is not being politically correct, and frankly I’m not concerned about it. If you are offended by this, then in my humble opinion, you are a part of the problem. There must be lines drawn in order to protect our society. There must be a right and a wrong. Is it really right to go to a boy’s bathroom if you are a girl? No, I don’t believe so, no matter what the poor girl thinks of herself. (I know, that’s another can of worms and I’m not going to open it, but it’s one example of our extremism).

Take this for whatever you value it as, that is completely up to you. I believe we have a responsibility to understand that there are consequences (fruit) for every action we take, whether we like it or not. That’s just a law and we cannot break it.


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