Making History

Today is the day. The big climactic ending to a miserable movie that is the candidacies and election of our new president. I agree with everyone who says there is no good candidate here. I’ve heard advice telling people to vote for whomever will replace the Supreme court with judges who will vote according to our beliefs. I guess that’s about as good advice as any, considering we can’t vote according to either candidate’s record. The FBI has not given us any definitive reason for us to or not to vote for Mrs. Clinton. And Mr. Trump has simply continued to talk like a fireball, which is what a lot of Americans actually like. So, vote for the one who has committed to vote for the judges who will decide judgments according to your beliefs.

In the end, it really doesn’t matter. Either candidate can win the popular vote but still lose the electoral vote, which is really the vote that counts. Mitt Romney lost the electoral vote, not the popular vote. Let that sink in. More than that, each state gets a different amount of electoral votes, according to their populous, etc. This is why the candidates are so choosy as to which states receive the most campaigning. For instance, Florida has 29 electoral votes compared to Colorado’s 9. California has 55 electoral votes compared to Virginia’s 13 and Texas has 38 electoral votes. All states that have a high populous, but some,  more than the others.

This is where the party division is the problem, in my eyes. the electoral votes are generally party biased. The electorate are loyal to one or the other and must be absolutely convinced that the candidate for their primary party is the absolute worst choice for them to vote for “the other guy”. This is why a lot of people actually question whether their votes really count or not. The electorate is kind of the last word and their’s nothing we can do or say to change it, unless we revolt. And let’s face it, Americans are too lazy to revolt. We just want our comfy couches and our sports, chips, dip and beer.

I know, this may or may not sound very encouraging. I’m sorry. I’ve always felt this way, but it will never keep me from voting. If I vote, at least I was able to be a part of something very special. I got to participate in something that my ancestors did with conviction for over 200 years. That really isn’t a long time in the grand scheme of things, but it’s the history I grew up with. The history I know, and while I am concerned for the future of this country, I am proud to be able to participate in the makings of history.



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