I’ve been watching sports all weekend. Friday was world series, Saturday was college football and world series, Sunday was professional football and world series. That’s my kind of reality TV. What struck me this weekend wasn’t the sports, it was the commercials in between.

I am accustomed to see an overabundance of car, pharmaceutical and cell phone carrier commercials. What I noticed (perhaps belated) was the focus on the distractibility of people in these times. From the many drivers who wander off into dreamworld while they are driving so that their car must brake for them to avoid an accident to the attachment of our media devices (I no longer consider them phones at this point) that brings us our movies, TV shows and social networking to which we are so addicted.

We no longer really have a desire to go out into the world and experience it for all it’s beauty. Instead, we wish to be left in our own little cocoon of a few friends and safe cubicles away from real life and produce our own fantasy for the world to see, hiding our miserable reality of being boring and lonesome. Top half all made up, bottom half pajamas and barefoot (those of you who work at home know what I’m talking about)

If there was an app that provided the full living experience  of real social activities, bringing laughter and love into everyone’s lives, we wouldn’t know how to accept it because we are so conditioned to being reclused according to how our media tells us to live. I know, I sound a little radical. I ask you to go out then and observe for yourself. Those soccer moms sitting in the bleachers? What are they doing? How many of them are on their phone scrolling? What is the first thing your 10 year old when he or she gets home from school? Or perhaps if you are a strict parent, what does that child want to do? It used to be to go outside and play, then it transitioned to watching some TV and now it’s play violent video games.

Commercial: A man is out with his coworkers having dinner and dancing after. What is he doing? He’s in the bathroom glued to his media device watching sports wishing he could go home. Seriously? First of all, if you don’t want to be there, go home. Be a man and say no for crying out loud. Secondly, I totally get wanting to watch the game! I’m freakishly freaky when it comes to my sports and favorite teams (go Cubs, you CAN do this!!!). But I have discovered that the outcome of any game does NOT rely on my watching it. I know, hard to believe, but scientifically it is true. (However, when I don’t wear my team’s sweatshirt on game day, I should be prepared to hear about an unexpected loss, lesson learned Buckeyes)

All kidding aside, it’s entertainment. That’s all it is and we have the power to control how much and what entertainment we participate in. We do not have to be slaves to technology. Warning: if we allow it to control one part of our lives, we open the door to modern day slavery with machines taking over (Terminator-esque). Now, I’m usually very reliable when it comes to making suggestions on what we should all do in certain situations, but I think I need to refrain. You are grown, you make the choice. I, however, choose to go out there and find someone who might appreciate something I have to offer (other than my off the wall jokes that no one seems to get except you, of course).


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