Why Not?

So, our presidential candidates are not perfect. If you look at our governmental history, NONE of our presidents were perfect. Grover Cleveland actually sired an illegitimate child prior to being president. JFK apparently had numerous affairs during his presidency. Bill Clinton was impeached for lying about having “improper physical relations” with an intern. Gerald Ford was criticized for “forgiving” (pardoning) Nixon for his Watergate scandal. As a matter of fact, only two of our previous presidents have served their presidency without any real scandal to be recorded.

Why are we so up in arms about Donald Trump saying sexist remarks about groping women? I’m a girl. I’ve seen and heard many, many, many men do the exact same things, all while years later they changed into decent, respectable men. The media would have us condemn Trump while glorifying Mrs. Clinton, who is not without her own scandals involving the sacrifices of men (Benghazi) and our own security via her careless handling of email.

So, you can surmise that I don’t like Clinton. I would admire her if she had stuck to her ideals rather than being bought by the Industry of Corruption. Insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and even her own Clinton Foundation all point to her (and her illustrious husband)  caring more about her own bottom line than our nation’s progress, productivity and prosperity. At least Mr. Trump is man enough to admit that’s what he’s been about his whole career and now he is supposedly offering his services to assist our country’s resurgence, but wait, he was very careless with his words and disrespectful to women in 1995. We’d better not vote him in.

What a crock of bull. They both are careless and our country is circling the drain, so why not? The best candidates were pushed out earlier this year by the mediocre response of the public because we just didn’t care, until now. Now we have this for our choice, Trump or Clinton. I would throw in Mr. Johnson, but he’s too soft on everything and seriously wouldn’t make the best president in my opinion. He sits on the fence without taking a real stand (look at his stance on abortion for one instance).

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a Trump fan, I just see that he’s a little different from the rest of the group. Okay, he’s a lot different. He’s got a big mouth, he speaks before he thinks and he’s extremely opinionated. Basically, he’s the example of just about every American I know. So again, I ask, why not?

Btw, for everyone who insists on throwing him under the bus for his mistakes, let me remind you what Jesus said, “He who is without sin among you, let him throw a stone at her first.” (John 8:7). At least with Trump, we will get some sort of change. Why not?



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