Look back at the last year of events in this country and tell me what you see. I see deterioration. Drastic deterioration. Especially in this last 6 months. Police brutality? Racism? I am not qualified to answer because all I seem to see on all media outlets is propaganda and sensationalism going either one way or the other. How can anyone in this country have a solid foundation of truth when we are being force fed subjective opinions by EVERYONE with a voice?

Here’s what I can gather so far, the Black Lives Matter movement started with every intention of directing our attention to the injustice of innocent people of color and trying to correct it. That is a noble thing and should be applauded. However, here’s what has happened, not every incident has involved an innocent person of color and many “stories” have been offered with details (true and untrue) to smudge the clearness of any type of investigation. How is this bringing justice? I tell you, it’s not. It’s bringing division and it’s giving people the message that there are no consequences for your actions if you claim racism.

Our society has lost its morals. Child rearing has become a notch on the to-do list rather than a valued skill mixing love, communication and community. We no longer see the other person’s point of view because we are convinced we are right, even if we have the facts wrong. Lying has become so commonplace that determining the truth is near impossible. The quest for videoing everything has taken precedence over offering a helping hand to someone in need, and if that help is offered, it has been staged in order to video it. Our society is so intent on garnering all the attention for ourselves that we have completely lost any interest in how to actually make our country strong again. We think to ourselves, “Our new president will take care of that so I’m just going to go make a new video of me swinging on the monkey bars with the children because it will go viral.” Don’t be so sure of that. One person can’t make the change our country needs because of the years of abuse our society has given our morals and ethics. We need to face our demons. We need conviction.

If we are caught red-handed with our hands in the cookie jar and mom says, ” Why did you disobey me?” , what is the first thing we do? We make excuses and find a way to blame someone else, probably mom herself. We fail to see our own hand in our circumstances and refuse to see that we need to pay any consequences for our actions. It’s comical if you look at it from about ten thousand miles away, but when it’s up close, it’s personal and it hurts. Okay, the hand in the cookie jar is a far cry from oppression, but it boils down to the same thing. People refuse to take responsibility for their actions, whether the action was 20 years ago or 5 minutes ago, we still have someone else to blame.

Granted, in the majority of our lives, we are definitely influenced by good and bad, but what we choose to allow into our lives is exactly that. A choice. Even if we are stuck in the middle of the biggest pit of doom and gloom, we can choose to see the light because it is always there. Sometimes it may be hidden, but if we look hard enough, we can find it. As it stands, it appears as if most of us choose not to look, or if we do look, we don’t look very long or hard and simply accept what our circumstances tell us, but that is an illusion. There is no one who can say they had no choice because it is always there. We simply make the easy choice in front of us because we don’t want to have to walk on the difficult road of having to suffer anything for what is right.

I don’t think people really even realize it, which is sad. For some, it’s the instant gratification rather than the reward that is guaranteed in the distant future. For others, it’s simply the fear of pain, physically, mentally or emotionally. Ironically, that pain inevitably finds its way to us one way or another and we are worse off than before.

If we choose to look within ourselves as individuals first, to recognize our own misgivings, mistakes and prideful sin, then we open ourselves to the conviction that we need to be able to bring about the desperately needed peace. If we convict ourselves first, then no one else can convict us no matter what evidence they may claim to have. The only way we will be able to convict ourselves is to allow God into our lives and show us where we misunderstand everything. Only His Holy Spirit can bring about the conviction that we need and we must have the open hearts to receive it. Until that happens, the tumultuous events that have been occurring on a daily basis will continue to compound over and over again, faster and faster, just like the birth pangs Paul spoke of. (Romans 8:22)



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