Being Home

Here’s a question. If you consider yourself a spiritual person, how do you define it? What is your definition of “spiritual”?  Does it involve meditation and the word “Ohm”?  Does it involve an inward look at yourself and and how you relate to the rest of the world? Is it simply a word that you like and so use it?

I have to say, for me, the word “spiritual” gave me visions in my mind that were always inconsistent with my beliefs. It’s used too much and I believe I have somehow become disconnected from the true connotations of it and how it applies to my life. I don’t meditate in the classic sense, so therefore I must not be spiritual. As a matter of fact, my whole personality is in contrast with the ideal image of a “spiritual” person.

That’s how I viewed it until recently when I read a book explaining why Jesus is the One Way to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. You know, the kind of book that you pick up because you already know the answer but you want to read someone else’s perspective? I will say this, it was the wisest decision I ever made. To have someone explain to me why I believe what I believe when I could never really put it into words myself is quite an experience.

Here it is, Jesus meets me where I am and loves me anyway.  He opens the door to me when I knock and leads me to God. He is there for me when I need to talk and He offers the solution of peace every single time I approach Him and there is nothing I need to do except to surrender. His Word remains the same every day of our lives. He accepts those of us who have been rejected by the mainstream and rejects those who put themselves above God.

While nothing I have just written is “spiritual”, it resonates deep within my soul because I know it as the Truth. Understanding Who Jesus really is and that He is still alive, with God, and extending His holy hand to me offering salvation is what we all need to work on. I have read my Bible over and over but yet I still need a tutor. I don’t mind admitting it. God speaks to me every time I open my Bible and I walk away with a refreshment that is incomparable, but I still have questions. That’s why we need to keep reading from those teachers who have the wisdom to explain what we don’t understand. I could always tell you that I believe Jesus is the Son of God and He died for my sins, but I could never have convinced you of why I believe that.

Now, I don’t feel the pressure of having to convince you. I simply know that I know Who He is and He is within me. I welcome Him into my heart every day as I read (and meditate) on His Word. No, I don’t say, “Ohm” but I do relish the tranquility within my soul as I prepare for each day and the challenges that await me. That is much more than being spiritual. That’s like being home.


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