Feeling guilty is not how God wants us, but that is how I have felt for myself and my nation this past week. God mercifully gave me this prayer yesterday to share so that we will realize our transgressions and turn back to Him.

Forgive us God, for we have sinned against You.  When we refuse to acknowledge Your existence, we offend You.  When we insist on striving for our personal pleasures, we insult You. When we spend our time in idleness, we disgrace You. When we fill our hearts with hatred and fear, we hurt You. When we destroy each other, we ignore You…even as we plead for help from You.

We beg You not to give up on us and thank You for Your mercy. Help us change our hearts so that we will:  look for You in everything, every day, find the pleasure in pleasing You, devote our time building an intimate relationship with You, fill our hearts with Your love and compassion,  encourage and lift up each other.

Help us turn our focus on what You have told us all along… to love, to forgive and to share. Doing these things honors You, and we give You free reign in Your righteous judgment, sparing us from eternal separation from the only thing that will ever satisfy our needs..You. In Jesus name…Amen.

This one was a tough one to share because it’s like admitting my complete inability to be in control and showing my weakness. Ironically enough, that is what God has been telling us in His Word the whole time. In our weakness, we find His strength. I hope you read this prayer often and share it with whomever you think might appreciate it, and even those who don’t. We need prayers like this, to bring our hearts back in line with God and to keep us humble, because right now, we are reeling out of control. In this prayer, in our repentance, we will find that control in God Almighty.



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