What’s Wrong With The Church?

I saw an article yesterday (which I didn’t read) about what is wrong with the church. Of course, I went straight to the comments to see what people said about it. It was the same complainers saying that all preachers are bad because they aren’t preaching salvation and so forth. I didn’t bother to read the article because I have found that the title generally offers little information as to what the article is truly about, and it’s also generally not usually as interesting as the title infers.

But, the title and the comments made me think. There were some comments that mentioned “preachers” who talk about prosperity and end up fooling the audience in to thinking they can use God to get what they want. In a sense, I agree, but only about some of the evangelists and even with them, not all the time. They do preach salvation, but it’s not in the way that I would need to hear it (I’m not going to guess about how everyone else needs to hear it).

I need to first understand my need for Christ. I need to understand that God is my Creator and He is Holy. So Holy that my slightest sins offend Him deeply. I have to understand that a “white lie” is just as grievous as mass murder to Him because He is so Holy. Once I understand that fact, then I can move on to understanding His powerful love for me. I will even be able to truly appreciate it that love because I know how my sinful nature has offended Him so deeply.

His love is so great that He provided a way to clean me from all of my sins, as every single one of them are like knives in His heart. His love is so great that he would give a part of Himself in sacrifice to save me. More importantly, He see each one of us as individuals and His sacrifice would still have been given even if it were for only one of us. How powerful is that? How is it that He can provide the way to save me, knowing that my eternal life depends on it, and I continue to want to use Him to get what I want here on earth?

What’s more important after all? Food on the table or eternity with Him? I know, food is pretty important for survival and that’s kind of a ridiculous question. But is it? If we trust Him to save our souls, shouldn’t we be able to just trust Him to provide food? We don’t need filet mignon to survive, we need simple nutrients. If we go outside and look around, those nutrients are, in fact, provided. We just don’t know how to find them anymore because we are so spoiled on the conveniences of the grocery store and the processed foods so many people are addicted to.

But that’s not what a lot of people are talking about with these evangelists. They are thinking about get rick quick schemes with “Faith in God” as the premise. Yes, I’ve heard these guys and it’s really kind of disgusting when you listen to them because they are so convincing. On top of that, everything they are teaching is correct, and there’s nothing wrong with that, except our hearts get trapped in the “I want” syndrome instead of “I love you, God” attitude.

My last post, I made a serious confession about my heart. It was important to tell anyone who would hear about this because I need everyone to know how imperfect I am. I need everyone to know that every word I write is for my learning purposes. I confess, my heart has a long way to go before it is in the right place before God. Here’s what I’ve learned so far…God is working in me every day. He is talking with me whether I choose to hear Him or not. He is guiding me whether I choose to follow Him or not. He is providing for me whether I choose to receive from Him or not. God will reward my good behavior, that’s just His nature, but that isn’t the reason I try to have good behavior. My reasoning should always be because of my intense love for Him who is Holy. To honor Him and respect Him for Who He is. He forgave me when I confessed my selfish, judgmental attitude and asked for His forgiveness. That’s what is so incredible and what feeds my choice of behavior.

Stop looking at what’s wrong with the church and start looking at what’s right with God. He is our prime example on how to live and to love. His Son, Jesus Christ, Who became sin for us has done more for us than we can ever ask in our lifetime. If we live grateful every day for that one act, our lives will be forever changed.


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