My Dream

I had the most awkward but inspirational dream last night. Awkward, because the way things happened are more science fiction than what I believe. Inspirational, because I woke up remembering the feeling of love and hope amidst everything else. It was about the rapture but like I said, it was a science fiction kind of dream rather than anything we have read in the Bible.

It was an ordinary day and I was with ordinary people. I generally never know the people I am with in my dreams and this one wasn’t any different. I will sometimes have someone I know in them but it’s not people you would think I would dream about. Not people I see every day but usually people I haven’t seen in years. They’re not dead or anything, they have just kind of drifted out of my life. Anyway, I don’t remember knowing anyone in this dream but we were gathered somewhere talking.

Suddenly, I had this feeling of great anticipation and pleasure altogether. A gold  cloth-like band about a foot wide and three feet long appeared floating in front of me. I looked and I was floating too. I also noticed a glass-like sphere encasing me as if I were the only one who could fit in it, but it also was encasing everyone else as well. I had the feeling of remembering this was supposed to happen and I attempted to reassure everyone around me that we would be alright. Then a light bulb encased in its own glass sphere appeared inside our sphere, it was glowing brightly, and I remember telling everyone that this was supposed to help us and give us strength. I was confused myself, though, because the whole time I kept thinking that this was not what I knew about the rapture, even though it felt like this was the only explanation.

Jesus appeared inside the sphere, in front of me, and gave me the thumbs up with a smile. He almost looked as cheesy as that meme of Jesus winking I have seen, but he emanated peace all around Him. I was filled with such love for Him that I didn’t acknowledge my initial response to His looks as He flashed His smile. I knew that peace I was feeling was the truth and that was enough for me and I called out to Him, “I love You!” as He was fading out my sight.

Suddenly, to my left, an opening appeared, like a garage door or something and a baby blue station wagon pulled up outside. There wasn’t any pavement beyond the door, but it looked like a backdrop of grass and blue sky beyond. A blond haired man got out of the car and called for someone inside the sphere saying, “Come on! Come with us!” The person came out running as if he hadn’t seen the blond man in  a very long time.

I yelled at him before he reached the opening saying, “Don’t go out there! If you do, you can never come back in!” But the person just kept running and got in the car and the car sped away beyond the hill. It seemed that simple, but the feeling of evil that surrounded that car’s appearance disturbed me. I knew that the people who were in the car were not friends of the person who had left the sphere. I knew it was a trick to get people to deny the purpose of the sphere and run towards something we thought was familiar.

I stood at the opening, knowing deep in my bones to never cross that threshold, but then the car came for me….

Don’t you just hate it when you wake up at the most inopportune times?


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