Bathroom Talk

All this talk about HB2. I’m frankly a little disgusted. First, because going to the bathroom should never be an issue. Make them all family friendly with lockable doors and (sorry women), just wait in line. Get over it. Oh, and the businesses that want to “discriminate” who they will serve? It happens all the time. “No shirt, no shoes, no service”. It’s just a matter of that business’ perception of honorable. Most businesses prefer people with cloths on, however, there are some who will let any shirtless, shoeless person buy whatever they need. I haven’t heard any stink about that. What’s the difference?

We’ve made it different. We’ve allowed our own hypocrisy to allow for everyone to be “offended” and protest for their rights to be recognized as how they want to be recognized (until it no longer serves them). How have we done this? By shoving our faith into everyone’s faces without them asking for it. Come on people, did Jesus do that? He went to sinners’ houses and had dinner with them, but he never stood on the street corners with a hand painted sign that read”You’re going to hell!” or “God hates homos!” Nope. Never happened and God doesn’t hate them or us for that matter.

Point is, the Bible says that Christians will be persecuted. Why? Because we stand for God’s Holiness. At least we are supposed to. We are supposed to be the example to the rest of the world, you know. We love one another, help provide for one another, and when someone sins (or gets into serious trouble), we GENTLY guide them to follow what GOD has told them (not what WE have told them) and we love them even more. We don’t condemn them for their choices in life and we certainly don’t push them away. We make it clear that we believe what God has told us and we recommend to them to develop a relationship with God and follow His leading also.

Is that so hard? Apparently it is. Well, okay, I know being persecuted is not exactly our favorite thing and most of us don’t even know what being persecuted really feels like. We are so power hungry on top stubborn that we don’t realize we are missing the biggest opportunity to point to God’s awesome power and give Him the credit for helping us in all our troubles. Why? BECAUSE WE WORK SO HARD TO AVOID TROUBLES!

So, we claim to be obeying God but we, a the same time choose to argue with others about their way of life (sounds like a Pharisee) rather than live the life God has chosen for us to show others what a truly peaceful and happy life looks like. Remember, we don’t have to have everything above our necessities to be happy. Paul sure was happy sitting in the dungeon, in sewage and whatever else would cause us to be nauseous. He was singing songs of praise to God all through the night as a matter of fact.

What are we doing? We are fighting over the bathrooms. I personally have no problems with the law stating that whatever gender your birth certificate says should be the gender bathroom you should frequent, but there are a lot of people who do. It’s a matter of what equipment the body has and how it’s used, not how a person feels in his/her mind or heart. It’s just like the abortion issue and all of the other controversies that have popped up over the years that simply go against nature. Everything becomes a slippery slope and firm faith no longer exists.

I say stand in your faith, be persecuted for it but don’t force it on the rest of the world. Let the world make its choice. God told us not be conformed to the world (Romans 12:2) and allow ourselves to be transformed by God’s Word. With our tenacity and God’s grace, the world will want to have that same transformation and seek you out. That’s when you have the opportunity to show and tell what Jesus taught. He never once talked about bathrooms.


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