Perfect Timing

Waiting on God is hard. It’s sometimes boring, but mostly, it’s completely filled with anxiety. Why? Because we want our prayers answered quickly. Like going through the drive thru. God takes our order and tells us how much and to drive around. We all know that’s not how it works and yet for some reason we have that attitude about how God should work in our lives.

We don’t verbalize it, of course, because we realize how pompous that makes us sound, but in our hearts, it’s definitely true. God’s our magic genie and we wish to rub the lamp. Just now, I typed “lamb” instead of lamp. God’s telling me something?  Yep, I think so. We come crying to Jesus when we want something. Not necessarily need it, but want it so badly we think we need it. Jesus told us to come to Him. That’s absolutely true. My question is, do we come to Him in everything? How are we living our lives on a boring day to day basis? Our faith in the morning should be the same as our faith in the evening before, if not stronger.

We must find the good in everything we are exposed to. Nature, our neighbors, our customers, our weather, our children, shopping, sleeping, the list goes on. In the midst of the worst storm you can think of, God shows up and He always shows up on time. Why we can’t understand that to always be true and live in that faith is beyond me. Here’s a for instance…

My daughter has a car that’s only 5 years old and she’s taken relatively decent care of it except the interior. If the car relied on the interior to be clean in order to run, it would have died within the first week of her owning it. (There’s blessing number 1) Unfortunately, this car is like the worst lemon there ever was. Looking online at all the owners of this type of car, the list of problems that have actually happened to my daughter’s car is fairly long. The latest fiasco happened this week.

She had flown to where my son is to drive home with him (in his clunker car that he calls a beast because it is so tough and will never stop running) and her roommate was driving her car to work. The car just completely turned off while sitting at a stop sign and wouldn’t turn back on. It wouldn’t even click when the ignition was engaged. Great. Long story short, our mechanic came to get it, towed to his garage and looked in the engine. When he called with the news, we were kind of blindsided. The engine was completely trashed. It was locked up and he couldn’t figure out why. Everything looked to be in complete working order. We were going to have to get rid of it.

The dilemma starts. She owes quite a bit of money for the car. She doesn’t have the money to pay it off and buy a new one. She barely has money to pay her rent and other bills. Her history of paying us back for loans is not stellar. My name is on the note for the car as co-signer. Oh dear. My husband and I decided that we couldn’t keep paying for everything just to keep her driving to work. Not when she hasn’t shown the dedication that we need for our business. (She’s trying and getting better, but we don’t want to reward in such a huge way her marginal progress. She’s got to do more and be more consistent)

We knew we would have to do something about the note on the car because it has my name on it. So we decided we could pay it off and sell the heap to the junk yard. Our daughter would then be free to find another car and find a way to pay for it herself without our help. That was our decision when we went to bed. The next morning, my husband decided to search for information on the car online.

Enter God and His perfect timing. A list of recalls on the car showed up on the search, two of which were applicable to her car. More specifically, the engine locking up. The car qualified to be evaluated and fixed all on a recall status. Our daughter now has a rental car and is waiting to hear the news about her car. God showed up in time to stop her from worrying while also making her realize that she must take responsibility for everything she owns. This isn’t over yet, but God’s in it, so I am willing to wait for His next step. It may be a while, and knowing He’s not our magic genie but our Father and Provider, makes it a little easier to be patient. Meanwhile, we are going to be purposefully thankful for all that we already have thanks to Him.


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