The Hard Way

Facing choices isn’t always fun. It requires a lot of knowledge about where each choice will lead you, and sometimes, a lot of faith. Sometimes, when you don’t have the knowledge you think you need, you only have faith to make that choice, which is scary. It’s been over two weeks since my son left to see if he can make a living at what he loves, and now he’s faced with a choice. Stay and keep learning or quit and go to college to pursue a degree in who knows what because he has no clue what he wants to study?

He is one of those guys who is concerned about the most basic things, like money to pay for everything, how his health will hold up and finally, making his parents proud. We have talked to him until we are blue in the face about focusing on what’s really important. If it’s God’s will for him to keep at it, He will provide the basic needs, bills paid and healthy body. I suspect, however, that my son is also a little fearful of taking the plunge into adulthood and being responsible for himself. More than that, he knows how much work is going to have to go into this career, and it is going to be exhausting.

But, what is his other choice? Quit, go to college and end up in some desk job that he hates? More than that, he doesn’t even know what he wants to study. He simply knows that going to college will be easier than working his tail off 8 hours a day hitting, serving, running, lifting, and more. He’s already feeling the effects from all the vigorous activity, and while he’s holding up well, he’s realizing that this isn’t a walk in the park. does he really want to keep doing this? What if he goes through it all, and he fails? This is what’s going through his mind, and it’s slowing him down.

Making choices, in my opinion, requires a lot of faith, no matter what. But, you must know what you are in for when you finally make your choice and be prepared for it. Who do you really need to make happy, after all? Yourself and God. Easy. You make God happy when you take each step in faith, believing you are doing what God wants you to do and believing that God will provide for you each day. When you believe, He achieves it. You make yourself happy because you are living in peace with God and doing what He asked you to do in obedience.

Yes, it may require a lot of work but just think, if you choose the way against God’s will, it may seem easy at first, but then the consequences catch up to you and it eventually turns harder than if you had just obeyed. Look at Jonah, he thought it would be easy to run away from God and not go to Ninevah in obedience. What he thought was going to be really hard, preaching to the people of Ninevah, turned out to be much easier than what he ended up going through. Thrown off a ship in the middle of a storm, being swallowed by a fish and then spit up after three days….that’s a lot harder than going to a city to preach the Word. Even if the people throw you out of the city, at least you have the peace of mind that you did as God asked and the people made their own choice.

That’s how I see it with my son. He knows how much work will go into this dream and he still believes that God wants him doing this somehow. Facing the hard work up front , in my opinion, is easier than having the hard work catch up to you after making the wrong choice. Who knows? Maybe by working hard in this aspect, if he ends up deciding to quit, he will have the inspiration from God to pursue a totally different path that he never would have seen without following this one first. He thinks this way is the hard way, but I believe the hard way is choosing against where you believe God is guiding you.


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