Please don’t put Easter and a bunny in the same sentence. It’s just not right and those who celebrate the Easter bunny should be calling it something else. The word Easter is derived from two different origins with two different meanings, but I prefer the Hebrew (pesach) which refers to Passover. The other is simply related to the season of spring, which isn’t bad, it just serves to distract others from the more powerful message of Easter. So, by referring Easter with a bunny and essentially spring, well, it just drives people further from eternal life.

When God saved the Jews from slavery He performed a powerful miracle that ultimately convinced Pharaoh to release them. That is the Passover and it involved the sacrifice of an unblemished lamb whose blood was smeared over the door frame of the house. This was the signal to the Spirit sent by God to pass over that house and not take the first born son as sacrifice. As you can imagine, the Egyptians did not have this inside information as they did not serve God, therefore, they lost many sons on that night. This was God’s plan to show His wisdom and might to those who did not believe. Pharaoh did release them, but then tried to recapture them shortly after, but it was too late. The Jews’ faith in God propelled them to keep going and survive in the wilderness. In my opinion, I believe it was Moses’ faith that carried the entire nation, but the Israelites followed with trust.

For many years after that, they would celebrate Passover by sacrificing an unblemished lamb and perform a ceremony in remembrance of God’s gift of freedom. This, is the most important message to all of us, Jewish or Christian, or any one else who desires to believe. God wants us to be free and He has provided the Way. When He sent His Son, Jesus, to be a Man, He was putting our lives into His hands. Jesus would live a life of perfection according to God’s laws, and love every person He encountered, even if they didn’t get along. This love was epitomized by the ultimate sacrifice of His life.

Ironically, Jesus was “sacrificed” by the High Priests of the Jewish culture when they accused Him and sentenced Him to death by crucifixion. All this happened at Passover. Jesus was that unblemished lamb. The difference is, after three days (the sign of Jonah), He was raised (no one could provide a corpse) and lives in His resurrected body with God on High and in our hearts if only we believe.

We allow ourselves to celebrate a fictional bunny rabbit who hides colorful eggs with candy in them, certainly we could celebrate the Promise of eternal life with reverence and belief that with God all things are possible. Just my thoughts for today. Love you and pray for your blessings! Happy Easter (Passover).  He is Risen!



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