Why is it okay for people to call on the name of Jesus during times of extreme distress but when things are going well, the people who are outspoken about Jesus are look at as if they’re weirdos?

I see stories all over social media about people who are ill with cancer or some other life threatening disease, and their stories are truly inspiring regarding their faith in God and His power.  People crowd behind them with support and encouragement, even if they themselves are not demonstrative about their faith, or they simply don’t believe. It’s the sympathy factor that allows these people the freedom to speak about God and their faith so openly and frequently.

On the other hand, the people who are simply in love with Jesus and have no obvious battle to fight are called things like “Jesus freaks” and overzealous. I have to sit back and wonder why that is because in my opinion, every single one of us is in a battle over life and death, whether we want to admit it or not. I think the  problem is that people don’t really accept the fact that the spirit realm is as real (actually more real) than the physical world.

We see things going fine in our physical world and we don’t worry about anything else, because nothing else is wrong. What we don’t see is the war waging within our spirits to overcome the flesh and feel the freedom to love and worship God without abandon. We either embrace our spirit and allow our spirit to lead us or we focus on our physical circumstances and forget that our spirit can prevail no matter what’s going on in the world. How closely tied to our spirits are we really? We are spirit first and foremost even though we can’t see our spirits but most of us fail to realize that.

I guess what is fascinating is the fact that we can deny something that is so important in our lives until we are faced with circumstances that we understand cannot be defeated by our weak physical selves. That’s when we turn 180° and completely rely on God. We become the strong talkers of the power of Jesus Christ, confessing His power in our lives without caring who hears or comments. And then, once everything has dissipated, either we are healed or perhaps the person we’ve been praying for has passed on, we got the job (or didn’t), whatever the circumstances were have now subsided and we finally find ourselves on the other side, still going. When that happens, we either settle back into our routine lives, once again not relying on God for our provision but expecting to be able to do everything ourselves, or we deliberately live either for against God because of the outcome of the previous test.

Most people simply settle back in to regular life and don’t put God in an active role. Those are the ones who will look at the other people who are talking about loving Jesus every day like they are over the top and going too far. Those are the ones who failed to realized that we each are in a desperate battle every day for our souls because the evil one is working tirelessly to deceive us into believing that there is no God, or that there is no Devil. I am slowly learning how to cope with things that don’t go my way when I have been praying hard and believing in God’s ability to do anything. What I end up remembering is that my way isn’t necessarily the best way and if I can’t trust God in every little thing, then my faith really isn’t there.

In order to build that strong faith, I have to use it every day in every little thing I’m doing. Colossians 3:17 says: And whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him. If I’m doing everything to honor Jesus, then I am putting Him into every aspect of my life. If I am putting Him into every aspect of my life, then I am relying on Him in the bad times and the good. There is no difference, because I understand how vital it is to rely on Him in order for my spirit to survive. Call me a freak, that’s okay. It’s just another way to honor Him


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