No Rain Can Put Out God’s Fire

Witnessing a miracle is always a surprise that takes your heart away. I guess that’s why they call them miracles. It’s knowing what the physical world will do but watching the spiritual world take over instead. It’s wonder versus logic and logic always loses. Beyond the miraculous, though, they carry important messages for us to take with us and spread the rest of the world. It’s the basis of many scriptures that we should be using to our advantage to support a miraculous way of life.

I got to be a part of a miracle this weekend that was meant just for me. It started when I prayed and then refused to give up my belief. It’s a simple thing really, but the effects of it still have my heart pounding. Here’s what happened…

We have a lot broken limbs laying around our property due to the last six months of windy and wet weather, so we decided to try to burn them in our burn pit before it started raining again. On Saturday, my husband attempted to light them up using lots of lighter fluid and as much kindling as he could find. It never seemed to burn on it’s own, so he decided to wait another day and we would try again. The next day, he gave me the matches and told me to give it a go. I asked him to bring me my scrap paper from work and he suggested bringing a cardboard box to help get it started. This at least helped me get a flame going where I could find the driest wood but the wood didn’t stay lit for long. It looked like it wasn’t going to work and clouds were starting to move in.

I was well out of paper and cardboard but I remembered about how we always have several piles of leaves in the fall that never fail to burn, and since I was just a few steps away from a wooded area where there were lots of leaves. So, I started grabbing handfuls and putting them on the hot coals for them to catch. I figured if I did that enough, perhaps it would make the wood much hotter and keep burning at least long enough for the wetter pieces of wood to dry a little more and catch fire. Finally, after about an hour, I knew the wood was burning well, even though it was still very small.

I continued to feed some of the weaker areas leaves to make the flames stronger until all I had left was more wet wood instead of leaves to feed. My flames were small but going strong, however the pile of wood I had to burn seemed very large and wet. Who would win? The flames or the water? That’s when I felt the first few drops on my head and I knew that the rain was coming earlier than I had expected. I decided that getting this mess of wood taken care of was more important than the need for rain, so I prayed. It wasn’t the kind of prayer that you would think. It was more of a demand, telling the clouds to hold off the rain and begging God to make the fire burn until all the wood was gone.

I have to say, it’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. There I stood watching everything around me getting wet while my fire seemed to be getting stronger. My husband had come up in between doing his work and warned me about the rain but God gave me the response that held true. I said,”It won’t hurt my fire. It will burn until it’s done with the wood.” He went to get one more thing done on his tractor before the rain and I stood there watching the flames get brighter and stronger. That’s when the drizzle started a little more strongly. I just stood there watching the flames and thanking God for showing me His power.

As it began raining harder and I threw all the rest of the wood on the fire, I heard in my heart,” No rain can put out God’s fire”. I stood there in amazement because I know it’s true. The Bible tells us not look at our circumstances but to focus on Him. That fire was focused on burning the wood and it kept growing until there was no more wood to burn, even though all around the pit was wet with rain. God kept the downpour from spilling over and kept the flames hot enough so that the moisture couldn’t penetrate it. That’s life as we should live it. We focus on God’s job for us (our fire) and He will keep the downpour from spilling over. That doesn’t mean we won’t be exposed to the rain, it just won’t be strong enough to do any damage. No rain can put out God’s fire.


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