True Love

Do you have someone in your life that loves you no matter what you do or say? Someone who thinks of you everyday and misses you when he/she doesn’t get to see or talk with you? I hope so, and I hope you are that someone for many people. That is actually one of my goals, to be that someone for more than just one or two people.

I’ve been reading Abraham’s story this week. His relationship with God is exactly like that. God put Abraham to the test, and Abraham completely came through, more than once. God told Abraham to pick up and move away from his father’s property and he did. God told him to take his precious son to the alter and sacrifice him, and he would have if God hadn’t stopped him at the last minute. It’s more than what we read in these stories, though. There’s more to the relationship than the exciting parts, but the boring parts don’t make the cut for the book.What I’ve realized as I read this story, some parts over and over, is that Abraham was constantly talking with God throughout the entire time, not just when it’s highlighted in the Bible.

Yes, I know that’s common sense, right? But I don’t think we actually get the full scope of what that means, day in and day out. God was Abraham’s best friend. Abraham thought of God every day and missed Him when he didn’t get to talk to Him. God felt the same way about Abraham, and He definitely feels the same way about us. You know, the Bible doesn’t lay out any ritual that Abraham did when he prayed. It simply described his honorable way of living and his obedience to God’s commands. In Abraham, God saw a piece of Himself. Abraham actually defended Sodom and Gomorrah in the hopes that more righteous people would be there and that the wicked people would repent. If that’s not loving others, I can’t say what is.

What I am realizing and trying to pull together in my own life is that “best friend” relationship I’ve always wanted with another person, but having it instead with God, my Father in Heaven. To think of Him first thing every day and include Him on every little decision that I make. To keep my heart and ears open to His influence even when it comes down to deciding what type of eggs to buy. I already know God loves me that much, so why don’t I live every day like I know it? Why does it take constant reminding and reading these Biblical stories to show me how much I need Him in my life? Because, my heart will go cold without it and I’m not afraid to admit it. In this relentless world, where most people only seem to do for others in order to get recognition from their peers, being truly in love with Jesus Christ is being an outsider. But, in truth, He is our only true love. The reward we get from being intimate with Him far outweighs any acknowledgement from the world.

Happy Valentine’s Day


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