The Progression of a Miracle

My daughter has been trying to find her way for a few years now. It’s been quite a roller coaster for me to watch. She has all the traits of a successful rider (she jumps horses) but she also has all those traits that I so graciously gave her. You know, things like laziness, social butterfly and really loves staying out late with her friends. But, watching how her life progresses from my point of view is extremely exciting. You see, I see how God is trying to point her back to Him and he’s working in every part of her life. I got to see one part yesterday…

When my daughter was in middle school, she became the focus of some bullying from girls who at one time were her good friends. You know the story, they don’t want her to be friends with someone so they make her choose. Well, my daughter is going to choose the one who’s got the popular crowd against her because that’s just who she is. She always goes for the underdog. Eventually, in her sophomore year, she became friends with a girl who had had a hard life and was trying to overcome it.

She was an adept liar and was very opportunistic. She could manipulate anyone until she pushed it too far, and then she made the broken relationship appear to be the other person’s fault every time. Needless to say, this is what happened over the two years my daughter was friends with her and they stopped talking completely after graduation. After three years, though, she has somehow come back into my daughter’s life. this time it’s a little different.

She apologized (I think) and is actually living a life of a different person. She has gotten married and is moving soon and wants to make amends with everyone who influenced her (this is my assumption). She is sincerely trying to stay away from the bad influences in her life and stay on a path of positivity. Okay, keep that info tucked away somewhere safe because it’s a key part of the story…..

Now, my daughter is a sucker for animals. Any animal, but mostly for her pups. She has two that are sweet as can be, but not the most disciplined and well-behaved. Milly looks like a miniature Labrador and the other, Chief, resembles a “Petey” from the Little Rascals. Chief likes to explore the world. It’s that simple. Milly is curious, but not enough to be gone from her “mama” for too long. Yesterday, they decided to have a little adventure while “mama” was working.

Since our daughter works with us on our property, she brings her dogs to work so they can have exercise during the day and she can be with them. Usually it works just fine, but yesterday, they took off in the morning and didn’t come back. What happens, generally, is they hear another dog across the street and they will go check it out. Someone is usually out with them and will stop them for going too far, but yesterday they slipped away without anyone seeing. They were gone before 10am.

At first my daughter was angry, but after about an hour of calling and searching, she was crying. She had posted the dogs on social media and called her friends to let them know. Her so-called best friend offered to come look for them, but never insisted and never showed up, but her estranged friend not only suggested to call animal control, she did it herself. She offered to come help too, but was told no. After all, we couldn’t stop everything to look for dogs. We still had work to do.

Here’s where I see God, now that I look back on it. Had we stopped working and focused on finding the dogs, we would not have allowed God to show how He’s always watching out for us.

My daughter had left to see if maybe the dogs roamed home, still very upset. I was getting ready to take my packages to the post office for work when I see Milly waltz up to the barn like nothing’s wrong. I immediately texted my daughter and put Milly in a stall where she couldn’t go anywhere. I still had to leave, after all. My daughter came and got Milly and left to go look some more, still upset but not as much now that she at least had one back.

Work was slammed for us and we didn’t have any more time to devote to looking for Chief and I had to call my daughter back to work. She did immediately without any question. I thought about that, because she easily could have used her fragile state of mind to not be able to work but only look for Chief.  Kids do that these days unfortunately. Nope, she came back and was working hard, helping me get everything done in time.

After about two hours, in late afternoon, while she was getting the horses in, she got a call. It was from someone who had found a dog about 2 miles from us and had called animal control. Animal control had my daughter’s information and gave them her number (all because of the estranged friend who’s turning her life around). They called my daughter and told her a description of the dog they had found and where they were. My daughter left to see if it was Chief (in tears again) and sure enough, it was. She was elated and very thankful.

So here’s what I saw: God allowed the two girls to be friends, learn a few life lessons and then reunite after a few years. He gave them both opportunities in life to change but helped them eek through the bad choices they each made. Those life lessons are now helping them be better people. The once lying, selfish girl who only did things to benefit herself, made one unselfish phone call that ended up giving my daughter hope and eventually showing me that God is looking out for her in every way. Even when it comes to finding a silly little dog. If that’s not miraculous, I don’t know what it.


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