For the record, I dislike winter very much. It’s cold and I feel better when it’s warm, so that means I have to wear about 5 layers of clothing in order to stay warm. I know it sound like I am complaining, and in the past, that was exactly what I was doing. But now, I have a different perspective. I still dislike the cold, but I value it also because we need it in order to have a fabulous spring, full of flowers and birds singing and trees budding. (Can you tell spring is my favorite time of year?)

So yesterday, I was driving in the rain and had the thought of how beautiful the fall colors are, with the leaves on the trees changing to vibrant yellows, oranges, and reds. The idea of a celebration came to mind, as I believe we were meant to celebrate successful life. The leaves on the trees had a productive summer, fulfilling their purpose to clothe and shade the trees and the earth. In Fall, the leaves are at the end of their lives and so the change of their colors reflects the lack of circulation of chlorophyll, but as a result, the beautiful colors symbolize the celebration taking place of their successful lives. It may seem trivial, but they brought stability, peace and life to each of those trees, allowing the trees to flourish in the summer.

I believe this is how we should celebrate our own lives. Look at it this way. Spring symbolizes birth and new growth. When we are born and are children, we are in the spring of our lives. This is when we are most impressionable, when we are learning about our loves, our interests and our purpose in life. We go to school and eventually gain the tools (hopefully) we need to fulfill our purpose. When we become adults (not just 18 but whenever we are ready to begin working on our purpose in life), that is our summer. We are to use our summer time to not just work and fulfill our purpose, but also to enjoy ourselves and one another. Our summertime should be enriched, full of love, life and community. We share our excess with those in need and we receive the gifts from those who give. We love, laugh, cry and rest as a family not just acquaintances. This is what God intended for us. That we focus on the good and encourage each other through the bad. All while remembering it’s God who has given us everything.

That’s when the Fall season kicks in. It’s the slowing down and ending of what was a very productive life. It’s the celebration of what was accomplished and passed on to the younger generations. It’s recognizing each other as individuals and children of God and giving God thanks for all He has done during our spring and summer. We should be celebrating the harvest and preparing for the slumber in anticipation of the new birth.

God’s creation is so complex and beautiful. Let our lives reflect what He shows us in the change of the seasons and hopefully, we will celebrate each other just as the variety of beautiful leaves in the Fall.


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