Two Things

Confess Christ Before Men

Luke 12:8-9

“Also I say to you, whoever confesses Me before men, him the Son of Man also will confess before the angels of God. But he who denies Me before men will be denied before the angels of God”.

Confessing Jesus is so much  more than saying you believe in Him. I woke up with that on my heart this morning because I stayed up way too late watching football last night. Nothing wrong with that except my heart was so intensely yearning for my team to win that I had to step outside several times away from the game to apologize to God. The anxiety I felt because my team didn’t play as well as they should have at first was inexcusable. Since when have I felt that kind of anxiety for the lack of response to God’s more frequent signs of the end of the age? So many people are deceived and think that it’s all pretend (in their hearts at least). I have even found myself wondering the same thing, but I know better.

No, confessing Jesus is living the way He commanded. Love others, especially when they don’t love you back. Pray for them. Help meet their needs. Listen to them. Be the example that is no longer the norm in the world. Be the light that overtakes the darkness. That is confessing Jesus, even before you open your mouth. If you strive for anything, strive to live holy and recognize what is holy and what is fleshly. “Take heed and beware of covetousness, for one’s life does not consist in the abundance of the things possesses.” (Luke 12:15) This isn’t limited to material objects, but to the attention that everyone is fighting for on social media and blogs, etc. (So what if I’m talking to myself? You weren’t reading anyway)

The pull of this world is so strong, that the only defense we have is reading Jesus’ words and putting them in our hearts. There is no way we can overcome the subtle hints that celebrating gay marraige and halloween is okay because the world says it’s okay. The Word says different and just because the world is doing it doesn’t make it right. I still love you even if you dress up like a witch and beg for candy, but I don’t join in on your celebration. I still love you if you prefer to marry a person of your same sex, but I don’t join in on believing that God approves. I will never ridicule you nor will I turn away from you when you are in need, and I ask that you do the same for me.

So then what’s number 2? When you say you are going to pray for someone, do it. I was thinking about how when a loved one dies and the news is posted on social media. So many responses of people that you may or may not hear from on a regular basis stating that they are praying for you, but that’s all. Do they throw up a quick prayer to God asking for peace for the person and then go about their business? I know that’s what I have done in the past, and I’m telling you, it’s not enough. First, you’ve got to give God the time He deserves, every day. Second, you’ve got to put yourself in the person’s position to know how to pray for that person. Take the time to imagine how you would feel if your spouse suddenly passed away, leaving you all alone. When you feel the intense feelings from that, then you are ready to pray, because God knows your heart and He knows you mean what you say and aren’t just throwing some words up at Him because you said you would. It goes back to living holy and obeying what Jesus told us to do. It proves we really love others the way God loves us. It helps us determine where our treasure truly lies.

Luke 12:33-34 “Sell what you have and give alms; provide yourselves money bags which do not grow old, a treasure in the heavens that does not fail, where no thief approaches not moth destroys, for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”


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