Sunday Ramble

Observing the way everyone is instantly offended by what other people say or do really makes me shake my head. I’m no better, first of all. But more than that, it makes me realize how close we are to more prophecies in the Bible coming to pass. I read about a book, which I want to get soon, that describes how the Bible is really the word of God. The author did an in-depth study on the prophecies about the Christ (approximately 300) and how while many men have fulfilled some of them, only one Man in history has fulfilled every single one of them. Jesus.

For me, that information alone reassures me that my faith is not futile, but I want to take a step further and investigate it for myself (even though I have limited resources). That’s what we are supposed to do anyway, not just taking someone’s word for it, but I think it will be really eye opening and cool to allow God to show me these things personally.

I think there is a growing attitude of unbelief, even while people claim to believe. They also seem to have a sense that God must continue to save them, as if the one self-sacrifice of Christ wasn’t enough. It’s not spoken, but I believe it’s within the heart. I know because I have had that same feeling before, as if the things that were going wrong for me were somehow because God had not fulfilled His promise to me. How ludicrous. He fulfilled His promise for all of us at the same time with the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Just because my neighbor received that fulfillment before me isn’t because of God, it’s because of me. My choices and my actions determine when I will realize God’s promise in my life.

I sound like a broken record, I know, but no one is listening. No one seems to get it. Therefore, I will keep on saying it. If one person hears and lets this sink into their heart, then I have succeeded. Actually, I don’t anticipate anyone hearing this because I’m not saying what the world wants to hear. What I know is that I’m not here to please the world. If I’ve learned anything, it’s that. My life has become so much more peaceful because of it. People will talk anyway. I’d rather live my life as if it were under God’s microscope, aiming to please Him than to try to please the whimsical fancies of the world. At least God is constant and never changing. If I were to try to please the world, I would be riding the most powerful roller coaster imagined and I don’t have the stomach for that. Going up to the heights and then plunging to the depths meanwhile twisting and turning in confusion and chaos. No thank you. God’s path may be a very narrow path, but at least it’s straight and steady.

And peaceful. That’s essentially what we all crave anyway, even though we are so addicted to “action” and “adventure”, we don’t realize how miserable we really are because we are so focused on putting out the constant fires that are in our way. And when we do finally have a moment of peace, we are confused because we don’t know how to just relax. What a great deception! We crave the peace but we don’t know how to handle it and so we fall back into our old ways of chaos because without it, we’re bored. Where do you think our hearts really are devoted to? It’s certainly not God even though we claim to be Christian. If we were, then we would realize how the excitement in our lives, the busyness, the chaos, all works to distract us from treating God the way He is worthy of being treated. With our attention and love. Just like we call our parents or our friends to tell them about our lives, this is what we should be doing with God. Praying is talking to Him and that’s what He deserves. The more we talk to Him, the more He shows us how to live in peace. Not a bad deal. After all, He is the best friend we will ever have and He can show us the things that the world will never see.

2 Corinthians 4:18  While we do not look at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen. For the things which are seen are temporary, but the things which are not seen are eternal.


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