The Impossible

People don’t believe in miracles anymore. We think miracles are supposed to be these dramatic changes in conditions overnight, like bringing Lazarus back from the dead for it to be miraculous. When I really think about it, I understand that those are the out of the ordinary circumstances. The ones that are meant to change people’s hearts towards God. Just because we don’t see those types of miracles often (or ever) doesn’t mean we don’t experience miracles every day.

At least I know that I do. Every day is a miracle for me to experience because of the extraordinary path God has put me and my family on. It started 24 years ago when my life was headed towards hell and I met this guy. He wasn’t perfect by any means, but I believe he was perfect for me. He taught me how to be responsible and yet he taught me how to be patient and kind and all of those other descriptions in 1 Corinthians chapter 13 of love.

The next miracle was when I had my daughter. She brought me back to my faith (because I knew that I would need it to raise her!). Her first year was when I learned how to truly praise God and be thankful for all that I have. She also showed me how my faith would be challenged but my focus on God’s strength and plan would help me stay positive during it all. Anyone who has a daughter can testify that staying positive through the teenage years is a definitely a miracle! She’s 21 now and I still endure the temptation of doubt when it comes to her future. I can say thought that I am having more days than not when I can emphatically resist that temptation! God is so good.

When my son came along, I had a better focus on my faith and I was able to introduce him to it in a more solid way than I did with my daughter. Thankfully, he has faith that is growing, but I can see it being challenged on a daily basis much stronger than I ever endured at his age. The things he has dealt with in the last 4 years are due to his determination to succeed in his chosen profession (he’s only 17) and the devil has been wreaking havoc on his mind trying to convince him that he’s not good enough. The miracle here is that the opportunities continue to surface and provide hope to him. I believe God is in that as thick as honey.

The big miracle in my life is how I make a living. What my husband and I are doing is practically unheard of, We live in a small community where everybody knows each other’s business and if they don’t, then they make it up just so they can talk about something. It’s rather stifling if you are a private person and it leaves you feeling like there’s something wrong with you just because you don’t interact with everyone in the same way they interact with each other. When my husband was practicing veterinary medicine in this community, he did very well but was bound by the expectations of the clients. They expected miracles from him and he couldn’t always provide (not that he ever could anyway). What happened was he got so stressed that he ended up getting very sick. It was this sickness that was the miracle.

It completely changed how he thinks and what he wants to do to make a living. He no longer practices but shut down the hospital and converted it over to a research lab and production facility to make supplements for horses primarily but also dogs, cats and people. While he’s worked very hard on learning about this approach to health, it wasn’t his idea. It was all God’s idea planted in him 10 years ago that has finally come to fruition.

We accomplish many things on different levels. First we get to help people and their animals feel better. Second, we get to establish relationships with people across the globe without having to worry about running into them at the grocery store when we don’t look our very best. Third, I get to put a little piece of God’s word into each package they receive just to remind them that God loves us. All of this and we get to pay our bills at the same time. It’s a win situation all around and to me that’s the most miraculous thing I could ask for these days.

When I stop and look back at it all, it’s the small things that add up to the impossible. For that, I am eternally grateful to God and only Him because I know in my heart that He is the only provider that I can rely on fully.


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