I had a really great conversation with a friend of mine this weekend. It was about the gay marraige ruling and whether he agreed with it or not. He was glad for it but he actually agreed with me on some level that it was approved for different reasons other than the type of equality that one might perceive at first glance. You see, I believe this whole thing was fought for simply because of the monetary allowances that married people benefit, not because two men (or two women) want to be viewed the same as a man and woman as far as relationship status goes. My argument is and always has been that there should be no monetary benefits for married persons just because they are married. Children, on the other hand, are different because they are dependents and cannot contribute their own cost.

My friend took this theory a step further and suggested that the lawyers who schemed up this whole controversy (his words not mine) are looking far into the future with the expectations that the hoards of gays who are going to go get married now, will be divorcing in just a few years. Therefore, the pockets of those lawyers will be even more padded simply because of the hasty actions of the people who “won” their equal right to be married. While I can see the logic in his argument, I also have to admit that it is a heartless way to look at it. By the way, my friend is gay. But that isn’t my point.

He was just as animated about how ridiculous this whole issue is as any protester you might see on the street corner. He said the government had no business telling the citizens who they could or couldn’t marry. He has a point. If we are a free country, then we are free to make the decisions that best suit our lives, including who we spend our lives with. This doesn’t mean every decision is the right one, but at least we have the freedom to make each one and nothing is forced on us.

This is why I choose to love God as much as I do. He has given me the tools I need to make decisions. he has told me what what He loves and what He considers sin. What God considers sin is anything that is not representing His wholesomeness and holiness. He told us to be holy like He is. It is a goal, not an ordinance. He already knows that we can’t be just like Him, but He gives us the love and support that we need to keep focused on His righteousness. When we are focused on Him, we allow Him to have the say in our lives that He deserves. But He never forces us to do anything. He has told us His thoughts and has given us the freedom to choose. He has also told us the repercussions for our choices. If we choose against righteousness, then we choose separation from Him.

Our choices dictate our future. Will we be in His presence in paradise or will we be separate from Him in hell? That’s all hell is, separation from God. None of us knows what that is truly like because God is with us everywhere we go here on earth, even when we can’t see, hear or feel Him. But there will be a time when our choices catch up with us and we will spend eternity with that choice in its completion. At that point, there will be no turning back or changing our minds. It’s a choice. What will you choose?


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