It was Monday morning and he reluctantly got out of bed. Getting up was always the hardest part of the day, even when the day proved to be nerve wracking. The toil each day involved was tedious and stressful, whether it was physical or mental. The tiredness remained the same at the end of the day and the constant frustration of everyone around him wanting to suck it all away like leaches wore him down.

No one sincerely cared about the work he was doing. No one really had their heart and soul in his investment. Not like him. Couldn’t they see what he was trying to accomplish? Couldn’t they understand that his intention was really for the benefit of everyone? Just a little help maintaining the facilities, that was all he asked. Well, actually, probably more than just a little help, because he needed more time to work on the research and intellectual property that the others didn’t have and probably would never have. It was his job to teach them so they could stand on their own. If they would just listen and do the work around the place so he would be freed up to do these other things.

He made his way to his office after he finished getting himself ready and eating. Of course, he was the first one there. No one cared enough to show up early. He supposed he needed to go ahead and start taking care of the things that his help was supposed to do, since they weren’t there to do it for him. He let out a sigh of exhaustion and opened the door.

The daily frustration started to set in early, as his phone began to ring with people either trying to get more information out of him without having to pay, or people trying to partner with him so they could make money while he did all the work. If people would just put forth the effort to learn about what they want to know on their own or if they would simply dig in their heels and do the work that’s needed to achieve their goal, they wouldn’t be breathing down his neck all the time.

He sat down at his desk and stretched back in his chair. He leaned all the way back and closed his eyes. Only for a minute. Suddenly a deep voice startled him, ” You are required today to hand over every gift that has been given to you, for your appreciation has gone by the wayside“.

“Who are you?” he asked as he looked at the stranger standing in his doorway. He was an extremely tall man, almost 7′ tall with dark muscular skin and short dark hair. His eyes seemed to glow a golden tannish color.

I am a messenger, sent to gather from you those things you no longer appreciate“.

“Like what? I appreciate everything I have! Look how hard I work to take care of everything!”

You no longer appreciate the gift of community, of love. You strive to better your knowledge with no intention to give it to others, only for a price. You believe these things are your possessions, when in fact, you have only been entrusted them to care for them and to share them. Since you no longer do that with the gift of love, I have been sent to gather them“.

“I do want to share it with others! I want to teach them what they need to know so they won’t have to keep coming back with more questions that they should already be able to answer! It is them who have no appreciation for the knowledge and they act as if they are entitled to it without having to give anything in return! These people have no sense of self-reliance anymore. They want to be spoon fed everything and I am tired of be responsible for feeding them! I am tired of not having the money to pay for everything I need while these people are out spending all their money on frivolous things while they let the important things slack off until it’s an emergency and then they expect me to be able to bail them out!”

You are not responsible for anyone but yourself. You have been given the responsibility to share your knowledge, not make sure they receive it. There is a difference that will break your spirit if you don’t understand it. Share with others without complaining about how they receive it. It is up to them to use the knowledge. You are to care about them enough to give them the answer but you cannot force them to use it. They have free will, just like you. Nothing has been forced on you but you must realize the truth. Nothing given to you is truly yours. These things that you claim as yours are not only in danger of being taken away, but they will endanger you as well if you don’t keep them in the proper perspective. You are to use your gifts to help others and honor God. Your complaining will only bring destruction, not peace“.

He stopped and thought for a moment. ” I try not to complain, but it’s very hard when people are constantly complaining to you and questioning everything you tell them. It makes me feel like I shouldn’t even be sharing any of this information with them because they don’t appreciate it.”

I believe you are now beginning to see a glimpse of what your Father in Heaven sees while He is encouraging all of you and yet, He continues to give His gifts with unconditional love. Perhaps if you were to redirect the complaining into something constructive, such as prayer, you might find more peace and tranquility. You have one opportunity to correct this and God will be here for you, watching and encouraging. Don’t give up and don’t stop loving others. Giving whatever you have to give using love as the basis will make it all worthwhile“.

The room was empty. He jumped out of his chair and looked outside the door into the next few rooms. They were empty too. What was that? A dream? God? He admitted he didn’t have any clue as to what he had just experienced, but he felt butterflies in his stomach. Almost giddy. Encouraged. He knew it was a message for him to stop letting everything get to him. His hard work was his duty because God had given it all to him, so he needed to take care of it to honor God. He also knew that the people who wanted his knowledge were only coming back to him because they trusted him and knew he would help them. That was his duty too and he was bound and determined to not see it all as possessions but gifts he needed to share with everyone who would have them.


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