What, No Pictures?

I don’t post pictures with my blog, kind of obvious, isn’t it? I’m sorry if you think that’s not appealing. I simply think it takes away from the creativity of our own minds to read what someone else has written and use whatever imagery within the words to make our own pictures. Granted, I have not been very descriptive in a lot of my posts, simply because I usually write what’s on my heart, not what I have physically seen. I have, however, decided to shift a little on the theme of my posts from time to time, in order to project some creativity.  A little story telling, if you will allow….

Married for 22 years, she thought she was happy. She had given up most of her dreams in order to give him the opportunity to fulfill his, but she didn’t regret it. She wasn’t as passionate about those dreams as some might think. Beyond that, he would give her anything. He worked so hard to provide and always gave her attention to let her know that he loved her.

One day, she ran into an old crush from grade school. He seemed as gentle and smart as he was back then. He was married with children and seemed happy, but she actually stopped and wondered. What if things had been different? Would they have eventually dated? Maybe gone to college together? Would they have been childhood sweethearts that turned into forever? Could she have been able to fulfill her dreams of teaching?

Her heart began to feel heavy. She was projecting an image to the thought of a possible past and looking at her actual present with a little remorse. Her husband loved her, yes, but he wanted things his way. They watched what he wanted to see on television, they went to the restaurant of his choice even when she made suggestions for others at his request. His temper was bad and if things didn’t go his way, he was quick to escalate his anger by yelling and sometimes throwing things. If he really enjoyed something, he assumed she did too. If he wanted to visit some place, he assumed she wanted to visit it, too. They were attached at the hip and she started to feel suffocated. It made her old crush seem all the more appealing.

She prayed, knowing that what she was feeling was just an attempt from the enemy to confuse her and cause her to rely on herself instead of God. Her mind began to notice all of the little things her husband did for her. Everyday he would make many efforts to kiss her quickly, just enough to let her know he loved her. He always allowed her to pick on him in order to lighten the mood and he was very good at jumping in on the fun to make her laugh. He always let her know how much he appreciated the hard work she did to help him, and while he didn’t do things quite the way she liked them, he always tried to help her out, too.

Once she focused on all these things, she saw how God had provided for her just what she needed. He gave her a man who would cherish her but keep her on her toes. He gave her someone who would be a challenge to her because of his intellect but allow her to have her faith on her own terms. This gave her the  opportunity to influence him without being pushy. Once she realized this, she saw that her dream of being a teacher was being fulfilled, just not in the way she had thought it would. She looked back on her life and saw how God had completely taken care of her through hard times and provided the life she needed in order to grow in Him at the pace she needed.

Yes, her old crush still was an old crush, but her life now was like heaven on earth, so she was able to put her old feelings into proper perspective. She knew it was temptation to do something that was not God-ordained and in the end it would only cause her and everyone around her pain and anguish. Nothing was worth that. So, she made extra efforts every morning to give God the honor He deserves because He had once again opened her heart, her eyes and her life to His blessings.

Insert your own pictures for this little tale. You choose the hair color, the weight, the age and ethnicity. It’s all relevant because we all deal with things like this daily. No pictures needed.


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