First of all, I need to apologize, especially to God, because I am so angry right now at the medical community for its arrogance and stupidity that continually proceeds to kill people while claiming they are saving lives. It’s been going on for a while, but only recently has it become so intrinsically tangled with other industries such as pharmaceutical and food. By recently, I mean the last twenty or thirty years. The food industry, because of the processed food that is being overwhelmingly available at the markets while the wholesome, natural food is becoming more infiltrated with pesticides or genetic modification or simply way too expensive to buy on a regular basis. The pharmaceutical industry because the constant push for new disease or conditions to be approved for treatment and then new drugs being developed to treat those conditions, in spite of the many dangerous side effects.

My stepfather, 84, was admitted to the hospital two weeks ago for a knee replacement surgery.  His old knee, which was replaced 20 years ago, had finally given out.  With dementia coming on strong in the last year, I asked my mother if it was really necessary for him to have it.  Her response was, “We have no other choice.”  At the time, I took it to mean that the doctors weren’t giving her any other options and forcing him toward the surgery. Now, I’m not altogether sure of that scenario, as I believe they both weren’t educated enough in the dangers of the surgery for a person in his condition and the options available besides surgery. I’m not sure they were interested in the options, so I can’t completely blame the doctors for not pressing the information to them.

Two weeks later, he is in the hospital again, after spending 4 days in the rehab facility, because he began bleeding internally, which was a condition that he had experienced many times before. The doctors did radiographs, which in my opinion isn’t going to show much for a bleeding condition, but they did reveal something else.  Something that, if known about before surgery, would have halted the whole process completely. What they saw were spots on his lungs and on his liver, indicating possible cancer. This warranted, of course, another test that would prove it was definitely cancer, which came back unanimously positive.  They have staged the cancer at 4.  Big surprise.

So now, the doctors are leaving it to my mother to decide what they will do. Thankfully, she isn’t even considering any treatment, because at this point in his health, it would simply kill him faster and waster the money they don’t have. They are going to talk to her about palliative care, which might help her some because she needs it.  Anyway, let me explain why I’m angry.

In the medical profession, there are certain tests that must be performed before a surgery, and then there are certain tests that should be performed but are not always.  I think in the case of a person over 75 years of age, who is physically more frail than he or she was 10 years before, should undergo certain extra tests before going under anesthesia or having any surgery done on their body. Surgery is a blunt trauma, to say the least, and the body must react to it as it would any injury, with inflammation. An aged person who already has signs of a significant decrease in health (dementia is a health issue), must be cared for from the preventative standpoint as well as the corrective standpoint.

My stepfather is now in the hospital with a childlike memory, unable to walk or even wheel himself around anywhere because of the pain and his mental instability, and above it all, he doesn’t remember who my mother is now.  All of this in just two weeks after the trauma of surgery. Please notice that I didn’t mention the cancer, because we all know that was there the whole time, just undiscovered. However, had the doctors performed the radiographs prior to the surgery as a precaution to undergoing anesthesia, perhaps this whole fiasco would have been avoided.  My stepfather would be in a wheelchair, but at least he would have a better chance of making a decision about his own health today.

This brings me to my rant.  Kara Tippetts has died (as of yesterday). Who is she? Just a very gentle and loving soul that has undergone the chaos of organized medicine for the last two years that killed her. The public will say it was the cancer, but I know it was the treatment.  I’ve seen it happen over and over again, where the original cancer diagnosis was treated with mega doses of radiation and chemotherapy, making the patient so sick and frail.  The body, in the meantime, goes into an over production of inflammatory proteins that become chronic in fighting the abnormal cells caused by the treatment until, lo and behold, more cancer develops in even more powerful forms. This cycle keeps increasing until the patient is finally dead.  Amen, end of story.

My anger stems from how we completely ignore the fact that God created all things for our good. The food we eat is supposed to nourish our bodies so that we are able to live as healthy as possible. God did not process food, we did.  God created herbs, spices, vegetables and flowers to give us the medicinal boosts our bodies need from time to time.  Vitamins come from Him, not a Chinese warehouse. Yet, our doctors hold absolutely no confidence in the healing power of nourishment. There’s my anger.

Kara, you are a beautiful soul and you have encouraged me along with many other people across the world. You embraced your circumstances as we all should, with complete trust in God, who has healed you no matter what. Your suffering was for our good and I am thankful to have gotten to know you through your writing. It’s tragic, though, that so many lives must be lost at the cost of the arrogance of other men. God gave us the food and He also gave us the knowledge.  There is actual evidence (in scientific studies even) that proper nourishment will help heal, contain or prevent cancer and other inflammatory diseases like diabetes, Alzheimer’s and obesity.

Rant over.


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