Illusion of Control

One of the biggest obstacles in my mind when I am going through a situation is knowing without a doubt which is the right way to go.  I don’t want to do a 180 and go back the way I came, because I know for sure that on the other side of the situation is always a better understanding and peace with greater faith to endure.  I know that trusting God for the resolution is the main key to success, but I don’t believe we are to just sit back and let God do all the work.  What I mean is, do absolutely nothing.

I believe God expects me to act while I am waiting for Him.  This is where my confusion comes in because I do what I believe is right and what I believe the Bible has instructed me.  And then I talk with a person, any person who has a different opinion on the situation or on my actions.  The devil has this talent for throwing doubt into the picture to try to confuse me.  This is my obstacle because I want to stand fast in my decision and see it through but then I hear, “What if you’re wrong?”.

My answer?  If the situation only involves me, the the answer is much easier because I am willing to deal with the consequences.  But, if the situation involves someone else, especially someone who is dear to me, then I want to be absolutely sure my actions will only do that person good.  What I didn’t realize until God spoke to my heart is that I am not responsible for that person’s actions.  My actions are reflective of my faith and love for Jesus Christ who lived His life to show me how to live mine.  Whatever I do, it is to give Him the glory and praise.  In all my successes, He receives the credit.  In all my achievements, He receives the credit.  Everything I do, say, think, and feel must point back to Him, the most important influence in my life.

Having said that, I cannot force the people around me to do, say, think and feel the same way.  I cannot control what they do during any situation and I certainly don’t know if they do everything in remembrance of Jesus.  It is their decision and if they are more focused on the world and situations around them, rather than on Him and his divine provision, then I cannot be held responsible for the outcome of whatever maybe going on.  This is where I stand.  I know in my heart that not everyone will endure although that is my greatest wish.

When I read the first sentence or two in every New Testament Book, I see the writer exhorting not just greetings but blessings, knowledge and grace to their readers.  That is my wish for the people around me.  That they “receive grace and peace as they deepen their experience with God and Jesus, our Master” (2 Peter 1:2).  I know that once we relinquish our illusion of control and allow God to have His way, the peace that we will experience will be unlike any feeling we have experienced


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