I saw an article the other day that the headline read, “Man traces his DNA back over 300,000 years; proves Adam and Eve story is a lie”.  My quotes probably shouldn’t be there because it didn’t say exactly that, but whatever differences there are in the words, the meaning is the same.  Anyway, I thought it was pretty interesting that someone first of all would think he could trace his DNA back that many years.  Second, I am fascinated by the arrogance people display because they have a little understanding about a few things logical and make it appear as if they understand all things.

I assume this is why God would rather have the simple people.  Those of us who don’t claim to know everything or even anything.  The one thing we know is faith, and that is enough.

It’s hard to live by faith if you’re living in this world.  Everything must have a reason or an answer.  Everything must be logical and explainable.  If we can’t explain it, it can’t exist.  I think if we just step back from have this burden on our shoulders, we would be able to understand so much more without having to explain it all.  That’s what faith does for me.  I struggle in a lot of areas still, when it comes to just having faith, but I’ve found that in the areas where I can simply believe and wait on God, I have the most peace.  I’m gradually learning to apply that to all areas of my life and I look forward to when I do.

So what about everyone else?  Why does everything have to be explained?  Why are we so impatient when we don’t get the results we are expecting within the time frame we have assigned?  It’s pride and arrogance.  We all have to deal with it on a daily basis.  If we are aware of our problem with it, and let’s face it, we all have a problem with it, then we understand that each day is a new opportunity to submit to God’s plan and believe that He has it all under control.  So, do we just sit at home and wait for Him to put everything together for us?  No!  We go out and do our jobs, take care of our children, help our neighbors, keep our houses clean, cook dinner, give to the poor, and whatever else God has commanded us to do for us to live by His Word.  The main objective here is to have integrity and fix our eyes on Him, not on the world around us. That’s where we are deceived if we let it happen.  The deception gets intertwined with our lives so that we can’t tell the difference between the lie and the divine and we end up living a continuous repetition of the same types of circumstances over and over.  We didn’t learn the lesson the first time, so we have to go through it again and again until we do.  The lesson is completely trusting God in all things, knowing that He has a purpose in everything and everyone.  When we trust in Him, we are free to focus on Him and not on the cares of the world.  We please Him by living our love for Him.  How?  Our faith allows us to give generously, have compassion for those in need and help all people because we love them just as God loves us (and them).

Actually, it’s very simple but we make it complicated.  Unfortunately, the longer we go without having the faith it takes to know this truth, the more the deception takes hold.  We can deny the deception and receive the faith but we MUST take the first step.  God won’t do it for us.


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