Eternity, Not the World

I feel like a broken record sometimes. But then I look around me and see that the lesson I think I have learned must be learned every single day. What I mean is, the world is so focused on looks, popularity and material possessions. These things are literally pounded into our minds everyday through television, magazines, billboards, music, art and so much more! I mean, face it, I wouldn’t be so self-conscious about my little pudge in my belly, feeling like I need to hold it in while I’m in public, if I didn’t see young, thin girls wearing half shirts to show their midriff because that’s the style. When will baggy shirts be in style? After all, why should I be even fleetingly concerned about what you or anyone else thinks about my rolls that you will never see anyway? I don’t wear half shirts to show off my midriff because I’m too old for that kind of nonsense and I don’t appreciate the type of attention it draws anyway (even if I had the perfect belly!).

So, the lesson I keep learning day after day is, there is nothing in this world that will give me eternity. Nothing. No amount of financial success, no amount of fitness success, no amount of beauty, no amount of popularity, no amount of vacations, no amount of anything in this world whether it’s real or perceived. I have to stop and really contemplate that each day. I must put it into perspective each day, and the way my mind works, it has to be using a different example each day for me to put it into proper perspective. For instance:

I look at my two children who are about as opposite as you can imagine. My daughter, who is the oldest, has the most loving, giving and hopeful heart a person can have. She also has very few friends. She’s insecure when it comes to people while being one of the most beautiful girls I know. She’s extremely confident when it comes to working with 1000 lb horses, imagine that. Her teenage years were not fun and she ended up taking some seriously wrong turns on her path to adulthood. Somehow, with God’s guidance, she has found her way to maturity. She has a way to go, but I’m not too worried about her. I know that God is taking care of her. She’s working hard, paying her bills and finding out what life is.

My son, on the other hand, while he’s a good kid, isn’t the same at all. He’s already found athletic success, academic success and is pretty popular with his age group at school. He has a lot of friends and never talks about anyone badly, as if they are fighting or rivals. He has confidence in himself as far as school work, his friends and playing any sport he wishes, but he lacks confidence when it comes to determining his life work. He says he prays, but I suspect he expects an immediate answer, which shows how much he’s got to grow in his relationship with God. I try not to worry about him because I know that he’s in God’s hands, too, but he is the one that I would worry about because I just don’t know if he would be able to make it on his own.

Where was I going with this? Both of these kids are loved equally by God. Jesus died for her just as He died for him. Nothing they have done or will do can change that. No amount of worldly success in any form will change what He did for us all or what they need to accept for salvation. It’s that simple. If they stop everything else and just soak in the fact that God loves them that much, their hearts will realize what their purpose in life really is and they will excel in life. Once again, that purpose is to love God with all of our hearts, devoting everything we do to give Him honor. When I look at it that way, my little belly roll doesn’t seem so noticeable anymore. Eternity is in Him, not in the world.


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