Do you ever get butterflies when you think about something that might happen soon but you just don’t know when?  It’s as if your whole body is anticipating something wonderful and exciting but you’re just not completely sure what it might be, OR, you know what it might be but you have no clue as to when it might happen?  I used to get that kind of feeling when i would daydream about a possible boyfriend when I was a teenager.  I would get excited imagining him asking me out on a date.  I knew it could happen soon, but I had no idea when.  

I have that feeling again today, but it’s not a boy I’m thinking of.  (I’m sure my husband wouldn’t appreciate that!)  No, it’s more intimate than that.  There is so much going on in the world; the Ferguson protesting and riots, the persecution of Christians in Iraq (among other places), and the violence between Israel and Palestine.  All I can think of is Christ is returning soon, much sooner than we probably know.  

It’s not just the worldly signs I see, but the signs in space as well.  We’ve already had two Super moons this summer, we have had one blood moon, with three more to go within the next 13 months, and this week, Mars will be so visible to the earth that it looks like another moon.  I take all of this stellar activity to be signs for us to watch and prepare for God to show Himself magnificently.  

I’m no eschatologist, but I can’t deny that the Bible predicted how the mainstream public would turn more violent, selfish and demeaning to others.  We have no respect for authority, from challenging a policeman to the brink of violence, to openly criticizing our entire Federal government on social media in a demeaning and non-respectful way.  I may not agree to what our government practices, but I still believe the people in those positions are there for a reason and I must trust God to correct whatever is wrong.  I believe that is happening and we are just focused on what we don’t like about it.

My meaning?  Society’s behavior denies Christ but we still expect to be blessed.  We accept any scientific fact over a supernatural explanation because we don’t want to admit inferiority.  We continue to try to solve our own problems and complain when they don’t get resolved.  We turn to violence first rather than forgiveness and love.  All the while, God’s plan is still in motion as it has been for centuries and we choose to look the other way but still ask “Why?”.  

I don’t know when, but I am in great anticipation of the Rapture of the Church.  It makes me focus more each day on loving everyone, being understanding of other’s turmoil, and trying to offer a gentle response to anyone who needs it because that is what He has done for me.  In every situation I’ve encountered, violent or not, He has comforted me, consoled me and shown me that I have so much good in my life that nothing bad can overtake it.  Beyond that, eternity awaits and I look forward to nothing but God’s goodness.  

I encourage you to read 2 Timothy, 1 Thessalonians, 2 Thessalonians, Isaiah, Daniel, and Revelation.  There’s something that can be seen today in each of those Books of the Bible as they describe how we are behaving now and what we can look for in the future.  There’s more Books with more details but I just wanted to get you started if you haven’t already.  It’s in anticipation, after all.


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