Am I Really Useless?

Do you ever question your usefulness?  I’m not talking about worth, because I already know that for some reason I’m (we all are) worth God giving His only Son to save us.  The sacrifice wasn’t that He might not succeed, that was always the plan.  The sacrifice was for a part of God, Himself, to experience the sin that we all have to endure.  To dive straight into the one thing that He absolutely hates (when all He is, is love) and overpower it in order to save our sinful selves.  That’s powerful, when you think about it.  Talk about culture shock!

Anyway, what about my usefulness?  I’ve been questioning myself this week about where am I most needed and I have yet to come up with a good answer.  I see myself being needed in many different directions.  First, with my husband, who heads his own company, researching and marketing everything himself.  Yes, he definitely needs me to help him with the things that he doesn’t have enough time to handle.  Then, there’s my son, who is pursuing his own future by focusing on his greatest talent to try to land at least a partial scholarship to college.  He needs encouragement, reinforcement and of course some monetary help (although he does work, too).  It’s my responsibility to provide him with all three because I am his mother and, while I won’t do it all for him, I insist on supporting him the best way I can.  Finally, there’s my daughter, who is so much like me it’s a little uncanny.  She needs my advice as most of the challenges she faces I have already been through.  

So, I already do these things, and yet I don’t think it’s enough.  What I’m trying to establish is whether I’m feeling guilty over nothing or if there truly is something or someone more I should be helping.  When my elderly friend passed away two months ago, it left a huge void in my life.  I only spent an hour a day with her, but it was the most meaningful hour for me because I felt I was making a difference.  Since then, work has overtaken my time, and I am feeling less and less meaningful each day.  Not useful at all.

God put on my heart this morning about how everyone is so addicted to social media for a reason.  We crave encouragement, attention, love and an audience.  While my first priority is to have a meaningful relationship with Him, my efforts should be to exhibit the love that God gave to me to everyone around me, even in social media..  Actually, that’s probably where I should start, because that’s the easiest place for me to visit everyday, anytime of the day.

John 13:33 says:  Love one another.  As I have loved you, so you must love one another.  By this all men will know that you are my disciples if you love one another.

So Jesus says to love one another three times in three consecutive sentences.  I believe He was pretty serious about this.  Are you feeling useless?  Go love someone, with your heart, not just your actions.  We’ll meet back here next week and see how we feel then……


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