Well, my resolve has definitely been tested this week, but so far so good. I continue to be amazed when I really focus on remembering what’s truly important, because that’s when I feel complete. It’s taken me so long to get to that point and, while it’s still a daily struggle, I am finding that I can do it because God has given me the strength. My challenge is showing everyone around me this same truth and helping them achieve this freedom. I know it’s not my responsibility to make the decision for them, but it is my responsibility to be the example they need. This is how I serve God.
There are a few scriptures that are revealing themselves to be my foundation and I am relying on them more and more each day. Of course, Philippians 4:13 tops the list but not in the way I used to think. “I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me”. It means for me now that I can endure whatever my circumstances are and be positive. I have been studying Paul this week and his example is tremendous for me because I have not gone through anything near what he went through, and yet his focus remained solely on serving Jesus.
How can a person be thrown in prison unfairly and continue to give God praise? It’s because he didn’t allow his physical wants overtake God’s will in his life. To be able to go through each day and face every minute with the question, “How can I show the people around me right now God’s face?” I think that’s what we are to do, but we get distracted so easily by other people and our own desires that may not fit in with God’s plan. The trick is to make my desires the same as God’s will, which is to bring people close to Him. If that is my true desire, then I will be able to deny my flesh and focus on bringing people close to Him. And it’s not by preaching, either. It’s by loving everyone around me, showing the compassion that none of us really deserve, and yet, God continues to give.
My husband went out of town this week on business and met a homeless man who told him he was an honorably discharged Marine who had been wounded in Afghanistan. This man is still able to do everything he could before but was still put out by the military simply because of a gunshot wound. Basically, he was set aside as useless and on top of it, he’s unable to find a civilian job now because apparently everyone else views him as useless, also. My husband, definitely not a gullible kind of guy, gave this man something it appears no one else has given him, compassion. The man was only asking for a job, not money, not food or anything else. He wanted to work. And while we can’t give him a job, we can give him love, prayers and compassion and trust God to give him what he needs. My husband did the only thing he could do at that point, which was give him some money for food and a place to stay. I believe he was overwhelmed when the man ran to him and gave him a bear hug right there in public.
The point is, this man may decide to do something completely different with the money than what he said he would do. He may go and squander it, that’s his decision, but at the very least, he was shown that there is love and compassion available to him in even the least likely places. I believe that’s what God intends for us to do, because that’s what He did for us. We must start small in order for it to grow, but if we don’t start at all and expect things to change then we are all fools. I enlist everyone to not just pray for this man, but every person because essentially we are all in need of this compassion whether we realize it or not. I pray that we will all receive God’s grace and compassion and turn around to show it the world.


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