Every day I try to live up to the example that Jesus gave to me by giving to others and being there for them when they need me, but I fail miserably. Just think of it, He walked in love every day of His life and everywhere He went. It sounds simple when you read it, but when you try to walk in it, it’s a different story. He had the wisdom to put things into perspective right in the thick of each situation because He was immersed in the Word and the Spirit. I have not done that. Yes, I spend time reading the Word and trying to let it sink into my spirit so I can walk in it, but I have not yet achieved that immersion.
You see, I still worry about what other people may think if I cannot drop everything I’m doing to help them right when they need it. I still think that I am the only one who can help those who ask me, when sometimes I may be the one who can merely point them in the right direction. I worry that if I don’t drop what I’m doing, then I will be perceived as selfish. I want to help everyone who asks, but sometimes, people ask of me what they really want someone close to me to do. They somehow think that by asking me, they are asking that other person and that I have the ability to answer for him/her. I don’t, but I still carry the guilt and responsibility.
That’s one big difference between me and Jesus. Jesus is God, and as a man, He was able to use God’s wisdom and power to help others by himself. He did not rely on other people to do things for Him, and He certainly didn’t make decisions for others. He simply told the truth and allowed others to follow Him on their own volition. I may have the ability to use God’s wisdom and power to help others, but I cannot do it through other people and I cannot do it outside of God’s will. Everything I do must be for His glory and not my own (or someone else’s).
I know I have a long way to go, but I know that I must continue in His Word if I am ever going to advance in His will.
This life is complex when the world has such a huge influence on us. The puzzle is living in the world without being a part of it. It’s knowing what His will is and following through without waiting for the world to approve (because it typically will not). It’s living in peace without relying on things of the world to give you that peace.
God’s will is simple, it’s us who make it confusing because we don’t separate our physical world and His Spirit. Galatians 5:16 says, “So I say, live by the Spirit and you will not gratify the desires of the sinful nature.” This is most important and Jesus was the perfect example of living by the Spirit. This Christmas, I am looking at Jesus’ life from childhood through His ministry to see how He was able to apply God’s Word to every situation in His life. That is the key, because being immersed in His Word gives full access to the knowledge of His will.
This is just another reason to celebrate Christmas, don’t you think? Not only did God give us the greatest gift by giving His Son for our salvation, but He also in the process showed us how to live. He told us that we would be hated, because the world hated Him first (John 15:18). I need to remember that in particular, because when I don’t make everyone happy because of their demands, as long as I remain in God’s will, I should know I am doing well. God doesn’t want me to make everyone else happy, just to live for Him. I have to do that by faith (Hebrews 11:6) because that is what pleases Him.
So, my focus is on God, Jesus Christ His Son and His Holy Spirit Who is my Helper. Merry Christmas to everyone because we have been given the greatest gift of all. When we make Him our focus, we have Christmas every day and can rejoice, even when the world is throwing stones at us.


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