Consequence of easy living…food for thought.

I’ve been distracted the last three weeks with work, travelling, and writing, so I apologize ahead of time for not getting this out sooner. This has been on my mind for a few weeks and it I finally have a few minutes to get it down.
I’ve started researching the human body and how it is designed to maintain itself with proper nutrition, exercise and rest. If you look at how the body is composed, you will see the absolute most magnificent engineering at work. I am amazed at how the body is composed of so many different systems, specializing in very different jobs, but working together so efficiently to help each other and themselves. (There are a few lessons here…. {subliminal} politics…but I will work hard to focus only on one).
First, how many of us have been diagnosed with cancer or know someone who has? It used to be, about 30 years ago, that this diagnosis was not very common, however, today, unless you are under the age of 2, you have most likely known someone with this diagnosis. The way we live has changed completely in the last 30 years as well. We don’t eat with our families, we are constantly on the go, carting our children around to various sporting practices or tournaments, or we are simply workaholics and never sit down to enjoy a home-cooked meal. When we do cook at home, we are using canned foods with preservatives, and lots of unnatural flavorings to make our meals seem more palatable. So, we are sitting at our desk or behind the driver’s seat or on the sidelines watching our kids play (exercise) and we are eating foods that were created more by man than by God. And we wonder why there is more prevalence of disease and illness?
I believe God created our bodies to withstand many different adversaries in bacteria, viruses and microorganisms that multiply to cause harm. He provided the perfect foods on this planet to provide our bodies with the nutrients they need to flourish, even during challenging health issues. We have ignored His command to treat our bodies like the temple they are and have made ourselves susceptible to faster avenues of death than ever. I’m as guilty as everyone and I know how hard it is to pull yourself out of that rut. But just think of it, how would you feel if you caught the common cold and it only lasted a day or less? What about simply getting out of bed in the mornings and not feeling achy all over because your muscles are so weak from inactivity? Arthritis, what if that was held at bay, even at the age of 70? I’m not saying we can eradicate these conditions, but they do not have to rule us. We can maintain control over them as long as we maintain self control.
The foods we eat are the easiest way to start and then go from there. Yes, it may seem a little monotonous to eat the same things over again, but don’t we do that anyway by going through the fast food drive thrus and ordering the same sugar/fat filled items on their menus? You may even find that you have a special flair for creating dishes that people would pay to eat, all while making it healthy. Clean eating is a term that I have found very useful, and it seems to be growing in popularity. It basically means that you’re not going to eat foods that have been processed (or overly processed with inorganic compounds). It’s the way Adam and Eve ate and I believe Adam lived to be around 930 years old (Genesis 5:5). I’m not saying we will live that long, because Adam didn’t have to commute to the city, deal with smog and high stress careers in a power hungry world, but he certainly dealt with a lot of stress and family in his lifetime!
The point is, we aren’t being obedient and we are suffering the consequences through our easy living. We are spoiled to our cars, conveniences and luxury in the U.S. On top of that, we seem to find reasons to complain and cannot seem to fix our circumstances. We are laughable. Start by treating your body as a temple and see if you don’t start feeling a little better. You might be more positive in your challenging circumstances, or you might find that you have more energy to tackle some of those more complicated problems and actually solve them! There are consequences when we disobey, and there are consequences when we obey. Consequences don’t have to be bad, they just have to reflect the actions that brought them on. Why not live a little more challenging now, by cooking your own food and moving your body more, then your consequences will follow soon after with better health and a better attitude! Just food for thought.


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