Walking Dead Pt II

As I ponder what I’ve written before, I understand that I don’t have all the answers. I wake up each morning with fresh perspective and try to meet each day with the attitude that no matter what comes my way, I will praise God. I can’t do that and live by my fleshly desires, but that’s what I’m discovering so many of us actually try to do. I look at my friends’ posts on Facebook and one status will be a share with an inspirational quote from the Bible (for instance) and then their next post will be a complaint about something or someone that is affecting their life right at that moment. It’s two-faced, and we are all guilty of it, I’m sure. I know I am, but that’s why I fight so hard to work each day at simply being thankful.
So what has this got to do with the walking dead? I believe it has everything to do with it, because we allow ourselves to become so wrapped in our lives here on earth that we forget that the prize is actually eternal life with Christ. These are two very different scenarios and cannot even begin to compare with each other. The trick is to be able to see beyond our physical world and know that the spiritual world is very real and within our reach. According to the Bible, after all, we all will live in the spiritual world, but in what part?
1 Timothy 4:1 Now the Spirit expressly says that in latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons..
This is what I am talking about and most of us don’t even know it. In this post, I am going to attempt to convey my perception of what we must do to realize what’s really important. I’m not offering a prayer for salvation, I believe that’s our individual responsibility as we develop a true relationship with Jesus Christ, for He is the only one who can save us.
Our importance is based on where our loyalty lies. As I said before, if we are mostly concerned with our lives, our success and our well-being, then we are extremely valuable to the enemy. Our actions are geared primarily toward our physical success, which in turn looks appealing to those around you, because they see what you have achieved and now all the material things that are yours as a result. To them, that’s success. If this is so desirable, then why do we hear so many complaints and negative thoughts and feelings from these successful people when we get them alone? Because it’s a deception and we are so bombarded with the fantasy from the media to the movies and social networking that we don’t even recognize true joy.
However, if our focus is constantly on how we all have done some pretty bad things in our lives and deserve to be punished, but our Creator chose instead to provide the only way out of that punishment, then we see things very differently. First (Step One), we realize that God isn’t a fairy tale, but He’s the most powerful, most Holy and most loving Spirit above everything that is. Second (Step Two), we realize that His holiness cannot tolerate anything less than holiness. Sorry, His creation, His rules. After all, He can’t be that holy and have unholiness surrounding Him.
Here’s the cool part. Yes, He demands holiness, but He knows we can’t do that on our own. If we do the third step, then He provides the ability to be Holy (on His terms).
Third (Step Three). This one’s a combination of things and it all involves our heart. We recognize that God sent Jesus Christ (His Son and a part of Himself) to this earth to live as a man but using God’s power to live without sin. (I believe that we all can use God’s power to live without sin, but we are not spiritually mature enough to do it). Once we accept this as true, then we face our own unholiness and repent. Just a few words there but the most powerful thing we can do on our own. When we repent, we actually approach God with our hearts and tell Him everything we have done that is unholy and offensive to Him. Hard to remember them all? Yea, well, God doesn’t necessarily look for you to name every single item. What He sees is the sincerity of your heart. Do you really feel sorry for offending Him? Do you really care about the life He gave you because of Him? Do you really understand who HE is? Do you really revere Him and worship only Him? Is HE the main thing in your mind as you go throughout your day while you do all the other little things in the physical world.
All of this sounds like a big deal when we put it that way, and it is. It’s life or death. Remember, until you go through the 3 steps, you are walking dead. And then there’s step four.
Once you have repented, you confess the Jesus Christ is the Son of God (because you believe it with all of your heart) and then you begin to live each day showing and telling other people about this Good News. We go out and do for others because we are really doing it for Jesus. We talk about our love for this superman Jesus Christ because we know about the walking dead. That’s how we finally end up with that happiness we all crave. That’s how we become truly alive in the midst of the walking dead and while we’re doing that, we might even help a few dead become alive.


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