Walking Dead

While it seems that everyone is gearing up for Halloween, decorating their stores and yards reflecting the “scary” tradition, I have found my mind wandering to a television series that is quite popular, “The Walking Dead”. I’ve never watched it myself, but I see a lot of commercials for it and it appears to be very entertaining. The reason I have thought of this particular series is because it is a part of the zombie fascination that is popular in entertainment these days. This fascination has obviously been around for a while, but has grown a lot in the last year, even to the point where I have heard stories circulating about “zombie sightings” in real life. Well, if those sightings are connected to the types of zombies in the entertainment world, I might question their authenticity. But, I believe, in a different sense, that there is some truth to it. Here is my logic:

I believe that every person has at one time in his or her life been what we would call “Walking Dead”, and some are still that way. These are people who are spiritually dead, but live life as if everything is “normal”. This is a complex issue, because being dead in this sense has everything to do with the state of the heart and nothing to do with physical mortality. What I mean is, the walking dead are made up of people who are living to satisfy their own personal agendas and ambitions.
The walking dead are attractive to the physical eye, not the hideous monsters we see on TV. They can talk with great use of vocabulary and charisma unlike the groans and moans uttered from the characters who walk aimlessly about. And what about in the movies where the walking dead like to eat people? I think that’s a perfect metaphor for the walking dead in real life. These guys are carnivorous in the way that their lifestyle looks so attractive that it entices others to live that way, too. You know what I mean, like going barhopping and hunting for a guy or girl to hook up with. Or staying up until 3 or 4am playing a war video game and then show up at work or school either late or too tired to be productive. Or how about making sure that you have the most fashionable haircut, clothes or car but don’t make enough money to pay for it all?
These are just a few examples but hopefully my point is clear. In reality, these activities (going out with friends, playing video games or shopping) are not really problems but when we put our state of the heart in the mix (all selfish ambitions) and it leads to death. What makes matters worse is that it is difficult to catch how easily these activities can weasel their way into our hearts.
To be truly alive is a state of the heart. It’s not the good deeds we do or the nice things we say. It’s not the success we enjoy or the challenges we overcome. To be truly alive is to realize who we really are, and it’s not really about us. None of this is about us. The irony is that we are each extremely important in this ‘game of life’ but that’s where the confusion is. Our importance is based on where our loyalty lies. If we are mostly concerned with our own lives, our success and our well-being, then we are extremely valuable to the enemy. When we follow the guidelines of success according to the world, we become examples of self-righteousness and even greed. It’s cleverly disguised, though, and it appears to everyone around us as a desirable and happy way of life.
However, if our heart is focused on the One who created us, then all of these other things don’t seem to matter so much. More than that, we become extremely valuable to God’s purpose for helping everyone on this earth. We have to put God first. In this world, putting God first is one of the hardest simple things to do. Yea, it’s true. It’s so simple, but we make it so hard. I have been working on a few steps that can be beneficial to turning this all around, but if your heart’s not in it, it won’t help you at all. When it’s done, I will put it up and you can tell me what you think. After all, if there’s a chance I’m one of the walking dead, I want to put a stop to it and live completely, don’t you?


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