Friends/Enemies/Love’em all.

So, I opened my Bible this morning straight to Luke 6 and saw the Beatitudes staring back at me. I read them, letting each word kind of sink in. The blessings never really hit me as much as the woes do. What happens is I read the woes and then I can appreciate the blessings more. I guess that probably happens to all of us. But, after that, I continued and read verses 27-36 and I immediately began to examine my life.
Jesus is talking about loving our “enemies”. First of all, I don’t have any enemies. I can hear you now, “Aren’t you the lucky one?” (all sarcastic-like) Yea, well my life’s not a soap opera, so that’s pretty easy to accomplish. An enemy could be someone who is plotting to do something against you for a specific purpose. That’s the first image that I think of when I think of the term enemy. That’s the guy who curses you and strikes you. But then, there’s the guy who doesn’t pay any attention to you as he’s driving because he’s so wrapped up in his own little world (probably on his cell) that he cuts you off on the interstate. Those guys? I have plenty of them.
What about the “friend” who only calls you when she needs something (usually money) and eventually quits when you no longer have any money to give? Had one of those; man that hurts. Jesus told me to pray for her. That’s when I realized that while I may not have any enemies, I really don’t have any friends either. Too busy, not sociable? I guess if I spent more time socializing, I would have more friends, but that’s not me.
What hit me is how I realized that I had not been loving these guys the way Jesus told me to. For a long time I would yell at the guy who cut me off, maybe even speed up just to remind him that he’s not the only person on the road. Looking back now, I ask myself “What good did that do except use up more fuel?” My friend who was always so needy, is still pretty needy. I am praying for her, but now I think I want to do more, like show her a way to improve her self esteem so she doesn’t feel like she needs to buy her way into happiness. Jesus said, “He is kind to the unthankful” so I want to be like him.
Jesus said to treat others the way you want them to treat you. I guess the first thing to determine is, how do I want others to treat me? Big revelation here, because if you don’t see how you are treating others clearly, then you will never understand why you are being treated the way you are. Make sense? Yea, I’m nice to everyone and I even go out of my way for a few. Unfortunately, my time is not very well spent. I’m at work, but I don’t get accomplished a lot of things that could be. I’m at home, but my house isn’t sparkly clean like I would like it to be. That leaves a lot for me to answer for, because while I’m nice to others, I am no longer approachable by someone who may need something (unless it’s a stranger). I want to be approachable so that I can show God how much I love Him.
Here’s an interesting thought. How about if I just become the approacher and love them all? There. Problem solved.


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