How many of us have been in the habit of going to church every Sunday, giving God praise and listening to a good sermon, just to walk out right after to go home and forget everything we just were a part of? Put another way, how many of us dwell on worshipping God more than just one hour a week? I know I used to go to church, even teach a class, and then go home to live my “other” life.
I have heard many ministers talk about making God a part of every aspect of our lives, and I fully believe it. What I am finding, however, is the demands (at least in my little world) are greater to concentrate on performing my job with excellence and creating more opportunities for growth. If it’s not my job, it’s my home. The only way I know how to incorporate my God into every part of my life is to constantly talk to Him throughout my day. Some days I do okay and some days I don’t. Here is my point, I got up this morning and read 2 Corinthians 5:20 and it hit me like a new ton of bricks.
“Now then, we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God were pleading though us; we implore you on Christ’s behalf, be reconciled to God.”
I cannot be a good ambassador if I don’t live what I am trying to sell. How am I going to get anyone near me to reconcile himself to God if I don’t show how relieved I am with Jesus as my Savior? If I don’t put Him first in everything? That means when I sit down to eat, wherever I am, I stop and give God thanks for keeping me healthy, providing food for my body and blessing my food. That means, whenever I start a new project at work, I ask God for His guidance and inspiration to make that project something that will not just be successful but always glorify Him. That means always forgiving others because God always forgives me and then he forgets about whatever I did that was so bad in the first place! That means always listening to others and not always putting in my opinion when nobody asked for it. (They usually know what it is anyway) If Jesus Christ is truly the only way to salvation and peace here on earth, then I need to live like it.
I can’t live like it if I don’t know what I’m supposed to be enjoying. That is where learning the Bible, especially what Jesus teaches, comes in. I am supposed to be enjoying peace and know that I am a conqueror over evil. I am supposed to be confident that I am fully loved, no matter what I do. I am supposed to understand that God is a just God, and He does not tolerate those things that He has already said He hates. He doesn’t change, and if He doesn’t change, then I shouldn’t allow the world to convince me to change with it. He changed me for the better and I will no go back.
I am an ambassador for Christ, so I will keep my focus on Him as I go through my day. I will allow Him to provide the opportunities to share His Gospel through me. As long as I remember it’s not in my hands but leave it in His, I should be able to retain that peace He’s given me. It’s a daily project and I am determined to complete it over and over with success.


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