I’m not perfect

I try to tell the whole story including the faults that others may perceive in me. I know I don’t get them all but I am getting closer. The reason is because I believe I have to show my whole self if I am going to show others that God loves me anyway. I can try to be perfect and fail every time, or I can try to project myself as perfect and hide my faults. The fact is, God loves me anyway, so whatever I do, nothing can change that. If I am going to try to guide others into any kind of relationship with Him, then they must see my imperfections in order to realize how valuable His love is and how everyone can enjoy it. Even in their imperfection. That love is also the motivation for us to try to live every day in the way that pleases God. Not to earn His love, because we can’t do that, but to show Him how much we love Him back. That’s all. My goal is to please Him, not you. I love you, but I love Him even more, so I will try to be honest about everything, knowing that I may fall unless I leave it in His hands to guide me and help me be completely honest. If I don’t do that, then I will fall back into deceptive ways because I will be trying to impress you more than love Him. It’s so simple, but so meticulous to do.
You can read my posts and ignore me or make me feel unloved. I could easily fall into that trap if I don’t rely on His love to sustain me through everything. So, I will continue to post when I need to and what I need to, upon His prompting. Gradually, my life will reflect my love for Him, and hopefully others will see it and want to have that kind of relationship with Him also.


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