The Whirlwind of Life

This is the day the Lord has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24
This is a scripture that gets me through tough days because when I focus on it, I am always able to find reasons to be glad and thankful. God gives us new days to begin again. To ask for forgiveness of our past mistakes and disobedience. To open our hearts to what God has in store for us instead of what we think is best for us. We don’t always know, but can be so easily distracted by the whirlwind of life.
Get up in the morning and start chipping away of our list of tasks to accomplish. Do we fit God into those tasks? Or do we feel the pressure of having to do it all ourselves so we can then take time to give glory to Him? I cleaned the house this morning, but I felt the need to just praise God at the same time. My solution? Phillips, Craig and Dean’s version of “Revelation Song” playing over and over on my mp3 player. Wiping down the toilets, I’m singing along telling God how holy He is, sometimes with tears and sometimes with just a smile, but I felt Him with me. He doesn’t mind helping to clean the toilets after all. Interestingly enough, I got everything done in less than 2 hours (world record for me).
What I am finding out is that when I put God into the mix of everything I do, I am able to do more than I could have before. He’s the best friend I have ever and will ever have. I can tell Him anything without reservation because I know He already knows. Instead of criticizing me, He comforts me. When I’ve done something wrong and I tell Him about it, He helps me correct it and forgives me. He’s helping me to learn my own heart, because frankly, sometimes I don’t really know. Am I sincere with other people or am I just trying to make myself look good? I know how I have been in the past, and it hasn’t been completely honorable. Actually, there was a time when I was just downright selfish and manipulative. I find myself still being that way sometimes, all the while justifying my thoughts and actions. When I bring God into it, He is quick to show me when I’m being that way and I am compelled to change. Why? Not because He makes me feel guilty, but because I want to please Him. I can’t please Him if I’m lying to myself (and Him) about my motives.
Yep. Today is a great day to be thankful. I have a house that needs to be cleaned, when there are others who have no shelter at all. Just that thought makes me want to provide shelter for someone. What God has given me, I want to pass on to others. I want them to experience the grace that I have. I’m still learning and I have a long way to go, but I am so thankful that I get to go on the journey!
From now on, God is in my list of things to do. God and I are going to wash the car. God and I are going to work. God and I are going to read a book. When I do it that way, I never feel alone and I never feel overwhelmed. He’s here, writing this with me and I am so thankful.


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